Tuesday, May 22, 2018

February 1, 2018 – At Sea – Mostly Sunny – 80F

The sea looks choppy but the ride is smooth – it helps being in the center of the ship on a lower deck.

IMG_20180201_At sea from 5714

Nice Day at Sea

The breakfasts up in the Horizon Court continue to be good (the best meal of the day).

We have most of the morning as I am not scheduled to speak until the afternoon.

Today we have another time change so our clocks move forward at Noon. I like the noon time change process.

My 1:30 PM presentation – “Cold Cases Solved” – is attended by approximately 500 plus people (based on 688 capacity) and ends right on time.  I chatted with a few passengers after the talk. 

IMG_20180201_Talk 3aIMG_20180201_Talk 3bIMG_20180201_Talk 3dIMG_20180201_post talk 3

Nice Crowd and Post Talk Chat

We’ve yet to use the open deck chairs due to the constant on and off showers – the bridge warns people of coming rain so they don’t get drenched. To avoid the hassle, we are back in the Lotus Pool chairs reading and watching the water and rain.

The headliner tonight is Ventriloquist Mark Merchant – we have seen him before and again he had his three puppets, Flora (the old grouchy woman), a black puppet, and an Asian puppet (Wing Tip Shu). Some of the bits got a bit too political – not for me but the audience (a few groans). We met up with Mark in the entertainment staterooms and chatted a bit about the Asian puppet. He told us that he has had a number of iterations of this puppet over the years based on audience reaction.

We finished off the evening with some music in the Wheelhouse Lounge, where we got this nice picture.

  IMG_20180201_Wheelhouse Bar 1

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