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February 2, 2018 – Scenic Cruising – Devil’s Island

Distance from Port of Spain to Devil’s Island: 664 Nautical Miles – average speed 17.6 knots

Background Information.  Devil’s Island is one of three main islands (Ile-Royale, Ile Saint-Joseph, and Ile du Diable) that comprise a French Penal Colony established by France to hold common law prisoners (those convicted by a jury). Devil’s Island was the venue housing political prisoner, the most notable being Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  Known for its brutality and harsh treatment of prisoners, the colony served as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers.  The facility was closed in 1953. 

The highlight today is the 9-11 PM “Scenic Cruising” of Devil’s Island. I thought this would a port but we are anchored off the islands (there are three of them – the most notable being Devil’s Island.

IMG_20180202_nearing Devils Island

Approaching Devil’s Island

IMG_20180202_Devils Island 1IMG_20180202_Devils Island 2IMG_20180202_Devils Island 4IMG_20180202_Devils Island

My 2:30 PM presentation in the Princess Theater – “Mystery of the Romanovs” – is 90 plus full – estimated attendance 600 plus. Not sure why – maybe history is more interesting than crime or this time slot is more convenient for the passengers. Makes no difference to me.

IMG_20180202_Mystery of the Romanovs 1

IMG_20180202_Mystery of the Romanovs 6IMG_20180202_Mystery of the Romanovs 5IMG_20180202_Mystery of the Romanovs 3

Mystery of the Romanovs – Near Full House

IMG_20180202_Mystery of the Romanovs

Time for the Next Event

We had dinner in the dining room because the menu offered plantain chips and tempura sushi plus creamy pasta with an egg on top. The pasta dish has been a past favorite with us – especially the egg on top – and the final product, even without the ham, was the same as the regular version. Tonight, the pasta was made without ham but there was no egg and it wasn’t anything like I remember. Because of our experience with this meal, we pre-ordered pre-packaged kosher meals for tomorrow.

Stephen Kane – Pianist –was the headliner tonight and an act we had not seen previously. The best part of the show was when he sang songs by well known piano men (Billy Joel and Elton John – no Barry Manilow – a major snub) – the classical stuff ran too long and was too loud.

IMG_20180202_Steven Kane 1

IMG_20180202_Steven Kane

Stephen Kane

We didn’t stay for that part of the show.

We listened to the Zinger Quartet in the Wheelhouse Bar for a little while before calling a day.  I should note that the waiter in the Bar brings me an ice water as soon as I sit down. 

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