Friday, May 26, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 – Cozumel, Mexico – Partly Cloudy - 82F

Distance from Fuerte Amador to Cozumel, Mexico:  799 Nautical Miles

For me, a bonus, a pleasant full day in the Cozumel.  Quest is docked at the main terminal just a short walk into the center of town.

Quest Docked

From the deck, I could see the other pier miles away from town - we were fortunate to get this berth.

The Other Ships Here Today

After breakfast, we planned to walk into town, check out what is new in Cozumel and, later on, find a reasonable spa. 

It wouldn't be Mexico, if there weren't a sign telling you where you were.

We couldn't resist taking of picture of a kind of mutant shark (?) along the boardwalk.  The stores were bustling with tourists, most likely from the ships visiting.

What is that?

The Main Square in Cozumel

Our walk was very comfortable since it was cool with a breeze – we even ran into the local Chabad, which featured a kosher restaurant on the premises – $14 for a hamburger.  Maybe next time.

Chabad - Cozumel

As for spas, there certainly are a few of them in town considering that this is a resort destination. I researched business in Cozumel so instead of wandering around, we had some options and directions.  Unfortunately, with fame (being on Google) comes high prices.  On our walkabout, we did find a spa not on Google (final price after negotiation – $30).  Nice sessions and friendly folk.

We put on quite a few steps before returning to the ship for lunch.

Tonight we had dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room – I was drawn there by the Gazpacho Soup (so-so) and Seared Asian Tuna (very good).  The service in the Dining Room continues to be excellent.  We decided not to eat at the deck party later because the veggie options are limited and it's pretty crowded. 

After dinner, we spent a little time on Deck 5 - very pleasant.  From the deck, we got a nice shot of Cozumel at night.

Deck 5 in the Evening

Tonight is White Nights Party.  We got the best seats in the house again - a couch on Deck 10 in the back.  Again, from here you can see everything but you don't have to deal with the barbecue smoke.

Russ announced that there would be no folkloric show tonight (a usual warm up to White Nights) because the authorities would not let them into the port.  So, there was a lot of dead air, so to speak, to fill.  Simon played a bit and people just chatted.  While we didn't have dinner here, we did grab some very tasty desserts on the buffet.

Also, during the afternoon sometime, we picked up a next door neighbor - a Regent Seven Seas cruiser (don't know which one).

Then the party got under way.

The song list may have been the same but the energy was all new.  Russ and the crew did a great job of making the party hum including leading a Conga Line.

At the end, Captain Jose introduced the crew members.

At about 10:30 PM, the party was over for us.

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