Monday, May 22, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017–At Sea–Pacific Ocean–Mostly Cloudy–60s

First sea day of Cruise 2 -

Doesn't Look Mostly Cloudy

We have following winds and seas so a smooth ride is expected.  The Captain said he is trying to outrun the low pressure system threatening California.  The weather across the country continues to be weird. 

It is just a bit chilly so I can’t have breakfast out on the back deck. But my system of getting sour cream for my waffle continues to be effective. 
The routine of lecture day is still the same – I go though my slides over a decaf mocha latte so I can keep all the facts straight later.  I also look for opportunities to streamline the presentation to fit the allotted time. 

James Howard, Destination Speaker, is on at 11:00 AM – I popped into his talk to see if this was a lecture positive crowd – he had a pretty food turnout.  Although we have been on a cruise together in the past, we still haven't spoken to each other (he was on the first cruise with us).  We seem to be running in different paths.

At 11:30 AM, Ellen and I went to the Jazz Brunch – the food, as always, was very good.  On the buffet were Lox, Bagels, Herring, and Salads - it was all very good and we were able to get a good seat away from the band.  The brunch wasn't that crowded when we went.

I got to the Cabaret Lounge about a half hour early for my 2 PM "Cold Cases Solved" lecture.  Lee was there to introduce me and the turnout for a first lecture was very good (90 percent full or about 270 people).  The audience seemed enthusiastic, which bodes well for the series on this cruise.

Intro by Lee

DNA Testing:  Cold Cases Solved

We had dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room.  We are still pretty good at getting our table in the corner just inside the Dining Room.  Occasionally, Simon, the guitarist, will be playing softly through the wall. 

Before dinner, Ellen pulled up to the bar and had Dale make her signature drink, an apricot sour.

After dinner, I went out on the deck and was able to get a picture of Venus over the Pacific Ocean.

"Oh Venus..."

Colleen Williamson is the headliner tonight at the 8:15 PM Show.  Although she did the same show as on the previous cruise, she still sounded great and the audience loved her.

Colleen Williamson Working the Crowd

Back to the room to rest - our new room seems to be quiet.  No earplugs needed on this cruise.
Seas are smooth.

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