Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017 – Puntarenas, Costa Rica – Sunny – Hot – 90F

Distance from San Juan de Sur to Puntarenas, Costa Rica: 170 Nautical Miles

It's a beautiful day on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica but the forecast is for a sizzler today.  We are not going on an excursion today (the heat is one of the factors).  So the plan, after breakfast, is to see if we can visit the vendors along the beach or maybe even venture into the outskirts of town.

Starboard View of Puntarenas

The pier at Puntarenas is quite long - although we usually walk it, today we are going to take the fabled train trolley.  The trolley is cute but doesn't know what shocks are so the ride is very rough.

Pier Trolley

The Sea Cloud II was also here today.

Quest and Sea Cloud II

Ellen on the Pier

The beach has a grayish look - maybe a product of the volcanic nature of Costa Rica - and on this weekday, empty.  Even the sand sculptor wasn't working today.

Puntarenas Beach

We strolled along the beach walk and checked out the beachside vendors – the items were pretty much the same as in the past.  After just a few blocks, we realized it was simply too warm so we went back to our air-conditioned and essentially empty ship.

There was no breeze to speak of so we couldn't go out on the open deck.  We spent most of the day in the Living Room and the Mosaic Cafe, where the AC was working very well.  I'm sure daiquiris were part of the equation.

We took some towels earlier and used them to sit out on Deck 5 after dinner – it was still warm but with a breeze – very comfortable.

The entertainment tonight is Gavin Bader – Magician and Pianist. Did not attend because we have seen him several times on previous cruises.

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