Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017 – Panama Canal Transit – Mostly Cloudy – 80s

It's a cloudy date for our transit of the Panama Canal - we are hoping that any rain will hold off as we go through. 

Our entrance at the Pacific side is schedule for around 8:00 AM leaving time for breakfast and procuring a good seat on deck for viewing the transit. 

As it turned out, there were plenty of seats on the deck as most passengers preferred viewing the process from the cool comfort of the Living Room. Of course, there are more interesting places to see the Canal such as the window nook in your cabin. 

Having breakfast in your room is a bonus.

Good Spot for Viewing

Dr. Jim did the narration during the transit.  He came on intermittently to point out sights along the way.

We took a break to get lunch in the Windows Café - not really a break because you can get a pretty good look at the Canal sights from up there.

Museum of Biodiversity - Entering the Canal

Entering the Canal

Bridge of the Americas

Just before we entered the Miraflores Locks, we got a view of the new locks system, built to handle the super Panamax ships.  They are in operation but there were no ships visible today.

New Locks

Approaching Miraflores Locks

The Canal Works

Miraflores Locks

Approaching Pedro Miguel Locks

Best Seat in the House

Gold Hill and the Continental Divide

Gaillard Cut

Centennial Bridge

Titan - the $1 Monster Crane

While it wasn't raining at the ship's location, there was a pretty cool storm elsewhere on massive Gatun Lake

Gatun Lake Storm

Queuing for Gatun Locks

Gatun Locks

Colon, Panama

Another nice passage through the Panama Canal - We are now on the Caribbean side.

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