Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy/Windy - 65F

It is getting a little cooler as we make our way back to San Diego - but the seas are smooth and the skies have moments of sun.

Route Map

My next presentation is scheduled for 2:00 PM this afternoon so I have the whole morning off.

It is too chilly this morning to have my standard breakfast out on the back deck.  That's OK because the Windows Café is not crowded at all.  A nice relaxing breakfast with the sun in my face (albeit through the window).

An open morning also gives me an opportunity to go over my talk while enjoying my IDMLS (iced decaf mocha latte skinny) in the Mosaic Café.  There is not much to do to get ready but stuff all of the information into my head and hopes it stays there during the talk.

Ellen and I had lunch up on Deck 9.  I am still getting the grilled Tuna Wraps (yummy as long as they are well done) along with a pretzel and salad bar.  Sounds like a lot of food but it's healthy in a way.  Still true:  the pretzels with their ranch dressing - the best.

I had a very nice turnout for “Forensic Detectives:  Search for Jack the Ripper” – I calculated the Cabaret Lounge to be about 90 percent full.  The talk took about 47 minutes (it might still need to be shortened a bit for the cruise lines that are mandating 45 minute long presentations.

Pre-Talk Chat

Good Turnout

After another nice dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room, we went to the Cabaret Lounge in search of good seats for the Productions Show - "Voices".  We have seen this show a number of times and it is always entertaining.  This time around, at least to my recollection, there were some different segments.  When we asked Russ he indicated that the show was the same but my trips logs tell a different story.  It's all academic because the show was just as fun as always. 


After the show, wound down in the Mosaic Café.

A very nice, if not warm, day at sea.

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