Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017–Cabo San Lucas, Mexico–Sunny - 75F

Today, we have a full day in Cabo San Lucas and it is a picture perfect one.

I had breakfast (complete with a million dollar view) on the back deck.  I should be able to do that for the duration of the voyage.

There were no tender tickets so we hopped a tender for the short ride to the pier in town.  No clouds in the sky and smooth bay waters plus a very scenic ride.

Cabo from the tender

On our way to town

Los Arcos from tender

As we neared the pier, we got a nice picture of people (all in life jackets) in an elongated Zodiac type boat.  I wasn't sure what they were doing.

At the tender pier, we noticed some splashing in the water.  Instead of the ubiquitous pelicans, we came across a sea lion playing in the water near one of the boats.  Not a bashful sort so we took a picture of our showoff.

A Sea Lion in the Marina

Since we were unable to get those meds (one we both use) in San Diego, we decided that a Mexican pharmacy was our only choice to pick up an emergency supply for the duration of the cruise.  After checking out a number of pharmacies and getting conflicting information and prices, it seemed that our best option was to get away from the pricier and questionable stores in the tourist area and head for the downtown area.  We walked past the end of the Marina Pier and on to the main street (we had driven along this street on past excursions).  Although there were fewer pharmacies on this street, we did find a small store (one without all of those signs with misspelled drugs).  The owner was nice, seemed trustworthy, spoke perfect English, and his prices were significantly lower than in the Marina area.  Done and done.

On our way back, we ran into a spa offering a one hour massage for $20.  The staff, all in uniforms, seemed nice and the place was clean (by Cabo standards) so we gave it a try.  The sessions were very good.  As luck would have it, just down the street, another store was charging $17 an hour.  It seems that the main street downtown area is the place to go to for the best spa prices.

We came across some interesting sights on our way back to the pier.

Mexican Iron Man

After putting on quite a few steps, we boarded our tender back to the ship. 

We had a very nice lunch in the Windows Café and then spent the afternoon out on Deck 5.  A lot of people were off on excursions so the ship was quiet and the loungers on the shady side of the ship plentiful.

The ship was very close to the shore making it possible to get some excellent shots of Los Arcos.

I had run into Chef Monica at lunch yesterday and asked her if it would be possible to offer a vegetarian version of their always available onion soup.  She said sure and said that it would be available at tomorrow's dinner.  I just needed to ask my waiter and if I wanted it again, she just needed one day notice.

We had dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room and along with my delicious personalized veggie onion soup, I had Cesar salad with Salmon and Spring Rolls (good); we also tried the Ravioli, which was not as good.  The onion soup was a clear winner.

We also documented a near sunset over Los Arcos.

Sunset - Los Arcos

Tonight's entertainment is the production show - "Who Wrote the Songs".  We saw it on the first cruise and on previous cruises but it is always entertaining (it does have a few Barry Manilow songs).

A very nice day in beautiful Cabo San Lucas. 

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