Sunday, May 21, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 – Cabo San Lucas (Day 1) – Sunny - 72F

Distance from Loreto, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: 254 Nautical Miles

The Quest is executing her course change and steaming to Cabo San Lucas.  We are still on schedule to arrive at around 2 PM and Ellen and I are going back and forth on whether we should tender into town in the afternoon.  We won’t have a lot of time in Cabo since we have to be back for dinner and the “Azamazing Evening” for this itinerary. 

The weather continues to be terrific so I am still having breakfast on the back deck.  It may not seem like a big deal but I have been able to get sour cream every day of the cruise – the waffle just tastes better that way. 

We spent the morning reading up in the Living Room.  Our favorite spot is along the window on the starboard side.  Ellen likes the “Cage” and I just like putting my feet up against the window.

ET in the Cage

This will be a rare afternoon arrival in Cabo San Lucas – we usually don’t see much of the arrival as our ships generally get here early in the morning and anchor before we get up.  Today, we are treated to some great views of the Baja Coast.

Cabo Sail In

After a bit of back and forth, we decided, as did a lot of other passengers, to hop a tender for the town.  I got some nice shots of the Quest from the tender.

Future Photobook Cover

It is a beautiful day in Cabo – clear skies, no clouds, and not too warm.


Cabo San Lucas Marina

On many of our trips here, we try to find an inexpensive spa for some Baja pampering.  Our normal place raised its price from $20 to $25 so we set out looking for a nice new place at a good price.  We did find one in the tourist section behind the marina/bar zone.  The staff was nice and the place was tidy.  Afterwards, we still had plenty of time to walk a little before having to head back to the ship.

Because tonight is the “Azamazing Evening” event, there is a special buffet dinner in the Discoveries Restaurant.  There are some selections we could eat along with a pretty good salad bar.  It was similar to the jazz brunches they hold during the cruise.

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