Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017–San Juan de Sur, Nicaragua–Sunny, Hot - 92F

Today we are in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.  We have been here a number of times.  We don't have any excursions scheduled so we are going to tender ashore and check out the town. 

San Juan Del Sur from Deck 

This time around the tenders took us to a new tender port. 

Quest from tender

Cabin 4040

Ellen and Friend tendering

Guess Who

Tender from a tender

Tendering to shore

Since we were here last, the town has built a New Port Terminal with facilities but no shops or stores yet.  On previous trips, the tenders dropped us off at a location at the other end of the town, where there was little in the way of shops and things to see.  We seem to be in the heart of the city today.

Church in the Civic Center

Pelicans Everywhere

We walked into town to try and find a spa – found a couple but the entire town had no power (some problem they were fixing near Rivas) so all the spas were dark and hot – no thanks – we went back to our cool ship.  A choppy ride back - pretty windy out here today.

Choppy Ride Back

Very choppy waiting for other tender

We got back to the cool confines of the Quest in time for lunch. 

The temperature and humidity probably drove the heat index north of 100 degrees.  We couldn't eat on the back deck because of the heat.  I wonder how the passengers out on excursions are dealing with the heat.

We had dinner at the Italian Dinner Buffet in Windows – Spaghetti with garlic and pesto made fresh – best item on the ship.  Also good was the freshly prepared Caprese Salad with three different kinds of tomatoes.  My favorite food theme of the cruise so far.

We attended Showtime's Production Show – “Danzare – to Dance".  Lots of fine dancing - a show we have seen before but entertaining.


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