Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017–At Sea–Pacific Ocean–Mostly Sunny - 72F

A beautiful day at Sea.

The day started off with a predictable (but terrific) breakfast out on the back deck.  Warm and calm.

My morning is free so the Mosaic Café and a decaf iced latte (with my name on it) await.  I worked on my Romanov lecture a bit to see if I could trim anything to make it a few minutes shorter.

Lunch in the Windows Café today consisted of salad with a tuna scoop.  A little break from tuna wraps seemed in order.  A pretzel with ranch dressing rounded out the lunch.  I also discovered that if ranch dressing is not available on the salad bar, you can get it from the cook out on the patio.

My second talk of this voyage - "Forensics and History:  The Mystery of the Romanovs"- is scheduled at 2 PM.  The turnout stayed at about 90 percent full (270 people) - no speaker likes a drop off.  The talk went 51 minutes so more work has to be done to shorten the lecture.  The talk did get some very good applause and several people stayed after to chat.

Post-Talk Chat - "Mystery of the Romanovs"

Deck 5 was surprisingly empty on such a wonderful day - I wonder where everyone went.  Not complaining as we basically had the place to ourselves.

The Lonely Needlepointer

We had dinner up in the Windows Café.  I had forgotten to ask our waiter about having veggie onion soup today.  He said he would look to see if there was any left over from yesterday.  It turns out there was.  It was still wonderful.  I wonder how much Chef Monica made for us.
After dinner, I shot a beautiful sunset (or as Captain Jose says "Magic Moment") over the Pacific Ocean.

"Magic Moment"

We went to Ernest Marchain's One Man Show in the Cabaret Lounge.  He might have changed the show somewhat from Voyage 1 but it was still very entertaining.  He is a real performer not just a singer.  His experience really comes through.

Ernest Marchain

We ended the evening with some semi-quiet time with guitarist Simon up in the living room.  His music is just what one needs to settle down at the end of the day.

Calm seas are making for a smooth ride.

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