Monday, May 22, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017–San Diego, CA–Mostly Sunny - 67F

We have returned to San Diego, completing the first leg of our double cruise.  It was a great cruise and one we will need to do again.

Distance from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to San Diego, CA: 764 Nautical Miles

Total Voyage: 2,687 Nautical Miles

Next up:  Cruise 2 - Panama Canal Adventure

Docked in San Diego

It is always a great feeling to be an in-transit passenger and not have to worry about packing and leaving.  You can take your time with breakfast.  You do, however, have to get off so the ship can be cleaned.  In our case, we also had to change rooms (moving from Cabin 4000 [last cabin forward] to Cabin 4040 [closer to mid ship]).  Not really a problem, since the staff came and got our stuff and moved it for us.  We just had to put everything back in the closet.  Not that big a deal.  The mid ship location should result in a smoother ride. A bonus.

We had a true mission in San Diego today.  We had forgotten one of our meds and we needed to find a Walgreens to get an emergency fill.  I found the closest Walgreens and we called for an Uber across the street from the pier.  He took us to the drug store but there was a glitch and we were not able to get the meds - we would need a new plan.  The neighborhood the Walgreens was in was very young and upbeat and for a while, we thought we might have lunch off ship.  Well after walking about a bit and checking out the restaurants, we decided instead to get some cash from an ATM (for the next cruise) and Uber back to the ship in time for lunch.

That's exactly what we did and it was in the end a good call.  After lunch, we were able to sit out on the open deck and just chill out.  A bonus for me was again watching the planes come and go from SAN.

Getting a Little Chilly

Watching the Planes at SAN

Since the ship was turning over its passengers, I was also able to use the laundry on board to do all of our dirty clothes - we would start the new cruise off with all clean duds.  I liked doing the laundry - something to think about in the future.

Our Cool Self Serve Laundry

We stayed outside until it got a little chilly.

The sail away was scenic and made all the more exciting by the presence of a USCG Gunboat.

San Diego Sail Away

After dinner, we saw the Welcome Aboard Show.  It was the same show that we saw on the first cruise but Ernest Marchain again put on a great performance.

A little reading, some chamomile tea,  and a decaf latte wrapped up a nice day in San Diego.

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