Monday, May 22, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017–At Sea–Pacific Ocean / Cabo San Lucas, Mexico–Sunny–70s

Distance from San Diego, CA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: 754 Nautical Miles

The air temperature is rising as we get closer to Mexico.  I was able to have breakfast out on the deck this morning.  It is a beautiful day in the Pacific Ocean.

We are due to arrive in Cabo around 7:00 PM so this is actually a sea day.  The usual routine - eating (Windows Café for breakfast and lunch - still having those delicious tuna wraps).  Tonight is the Azamazing Evening for this cruise.  It is scheduled to be the same event we had on the Sea of Cortez cruise just completed so we have opted out.  The festivities will also begin after the ship has arrived so it looks like it will be a late night.  We will have the ship all to ourselves.

We have a WWF Lecturer on Board for this Cruise.  I attended Nicky Sundt's lecture  – “It Takes Two to Tango – The Changing Oceans and Atmosphere”  in the morning.  It was about Climate Change but it got pretty technical at times so I'm not sure the total message was received. 

Because of the event tonight and the late start, a special Dinner was planned – Azamazing Dinner Buffet in the Dining room – Risotto and Au Gratin Potatoes, and Salad.  It was all pretty good. 

The sail in to Cabo San Lucas was amazing.

Approaching Cabo San Lucas

After dinner, the groups were called and the tenders offloaded hundreds of passengers smoothly and efficiently.  We found out later that those passengers that attended the Azamazing Evening – Dance of the Dead – did not return until 11:30 PM. 

It was a warm evening, so we spent it on Deck 5 - Cabo at night is always fascinating. 

Cabo at Night

Tomorrow, we have a full day planned for Cabo San Lucas including our mission that we did not complete in San Diego.

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