Thursday, May 25, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Fuerte Amador, Panama – Partly Cloudy - 85F

Distance from Puntarenas to Fuerte Amador, Panama: 495 Nautical Miles

A beautiful day to be anchored off the coast of Panama.

Fuerte Amador is the gateway to the Pacific Entrance of the Panama Canal and we are planning to stay here all day and most of the night as we are not due to be at the first lock (Miraflores) until 8:00 AM Sunday.  From our anchorage, we can see the ships queuing up for the canal and the skyline of Panama City.

Fuerte Amador

Ships Waiting to Enter the Canal

The Different Looks of Panama City

We had lunch in the Windows Café – I am altering my paradigm by having a tuna melt today (instead of seared tuna wrap).  The salad bar continues to be very good – garbanzo beans, yellow pepper rings, and really good ranch dressing.

We found some loungers on the shady side of the ship perfect for reading and napping (one seems to lead to another).

Tonight we are going to the Windows Café for dinner – a rare occasion – because it is “Mediterranean Buffet” night.  The last time we did this on Azamara, the highlight was the freshly prepared falafel.  It was there tonight but some of the other items were changed – I really liked the older version of tabbouleh better than tonight’s.  A couple of honey based desserts finished off the meal.  The best part, however, was having dinner on the back deck in perfect evening weather.

Panama City at Night

Tonight’s entertainment is a folkloric show – “The Folkloric Ballet of Panama” performed at 8:15 PM on the Pool Deck.  We got great seats on the back of Deck 10 – comfy couches that give you a full view of the show. 

Folkloric Show on Deck 9

"Everybody Do the Conga"

We walked a few laps around the deck while listening to the band before heading to the room.

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