Friday, May 26, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Along the Mexican Coast – Warm–80s

A beautiful day at Sea.

We are not heading along the South American coastline on our way to Cartagena, Colombia.

Instead, the Quest is hugging the Mexican coast.  The Captain explained last night that because of a huge low pressure system in the Caribbean, we would have to change our course.  We could get to Cartagena but because of the storm system, we would not be able to make our way to Florida.  Instead, Quest is on her way to Cozumel, Mexico.  The Jones Act situation is confusing (is Cartagena a Jones Port?  Is Cozumel a Jones Port?  Who knows).  We did get word that Quest would pick up a fine by not going to Cartagena - the ship was unable to get a waiver.  Hats off to Azamara for putting passenger safety and comfort ahead of bucks on this one.  That being said, I like Cozumel so much more than Cartagena.

After a beautiful morning on Deck 5 and breakfast and lunch in the Windows Café (the usual still hasn't gotten boring), I am scheduled for my next presentation this afternoon at 2 PM.  I have always thought that “Forensic Detectives:  The Life and Death of Pharaohs" was my most confusing talk what with all the STR tables.  The attendance was very good considering that I was competing with a beautiful day outside.  About 270 passengers attended and the feedback I got was positive (not as confusing a talk as I thought). 

Life and Death of Pharaohs

We had dinner in the Windows Café so we could enjoy the fine weather on the back deck.

View from Dinner on Back Deck - Priceless

Showtime tonight was the production show - "Stage Door to Dreams".  Although we have seen this one several times, the different casts always make the show seem new.  Of course, my favorite number is "You Can't Stop the Beat" from "Hairspray".  Russ made a great Mrs. Turnblad.

Luck Be a Lady

Marry Me a Little

All I Care About is Love

You Can't Stop the Beat

A few minutes with Simon in the Living Room provided the quiet needed to call this a day.

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