Thursday, May 25, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 80sF

A beautiful day at sea.

Island at Sea

At Sea

Another terrific breakfast on the back deck.  Even though the Quest starts breakfast pretty late (as least for me) at 7:30 AM, Windows is not very crowded and there are nice seats in the shade still available.

In the afternoon, while enjoying an Iced Latte in the Mosaic Café, we met Garin Bader's significant other – Jessica – and had a delightful chat – what a nice person.  She immediately recognized Ellen.

I am scheduled to give my next lecture at 2 PM – Cabaret Lounge – “Forensics and History:  The Lost Dauphin of France”.  The talk drew another full house. While I was setting up, the AV guys told me that would be taping with a camera today (instead of just carrying the microphone and computer feed).  Wonder why?  I had to stay in position for the duration (they wanted me to be behind the podium but I told them I had to stand in the middle front of the floor to interact with the audience).  I am very pleased with the turnout because there is lots of competition today including close up magic by Garin.

A perfect day for reading on Deck 5.

Finished – Lincoln Child’s “Deep Storm” – nice little story about "landfills".

Started Tana French’s Novel – "The Trespasser"– I gave up on her last novel, "In the Woods",  after going through half of it.  Hoping for better this time – different characters that I like already.  I still have trouble visualizing the novels taking place in Dublin - the dialogue and idioms just don't feel like Ireland to me.

Dinner was in the Discoveries Dining Room – Mushroom Polenta (excellent) and spinach ricotta ravioli – also good (and better this time around).  I also had another special order of Chef Monica’s Vegetarian Onion Soup.  Still really good but I keep fighting with the bay leaf fragments.  If I run into Chef Monica on a future cruise, I'll chat with her about the bay leaves.

After dinner, we caught Russ's one man show again.  Still entertaining.  Russ has unlimited energy and he puts it all into his songs.

Russ Grieve - "For Once in My Life"

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