Sunday, May 28, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Sunny, Warm – 85F

I think we slept pretty well. 
An absolutely beautiful day in Los Angeles – not a cloud in the sky.

View from Room 218

We had an interesting breakfast.  When I got up, I went across the street to the little bodega and bought some milk (we had brought along some little cereal boxes).  Along with the coffee in the room, that completed breakfast.  Simple but good.
We had plans to meet one of our cousins out in Redondo Beach for lunch, but before that, we decided to take a little walk up on Hollywood Blvd.  We parked the car on one of the side streets off Hollywood Blvd and Western (fortunately, the meters in LA take credit cards since I don't carry any quarters).  While we were walking, she called and made plans to meet for a late lunch.  Since we had some time, we drove up to the Griffith Park Observatory.  It was clear as we were heading for the summit that we were not the only ones doing that.  There were no empty parking spaces all the way to the top and, at the Observatory, there was a large crowd of people waiting to get in. 

LA From Griffith Park Observatory

Seeing this, we headed back down the hill and decided to go to Redondo Beach early and walk around before meeting up for lunch.  Just as we were about to get on the Freeway, we got a call canceling those plans.  We ended having lunch on in the Pico-Robertson Area – a wonderful kosher burrito (you don’t see that every day) at a place called Mexikosher (I was happy to see the workers wearing gloves).  The burrito was OK but, if I come here again, I'm going to change up the ingredients.  As I expected, the most expensive part of the meal was the diet coke.  As for the service - zero stars - I couldn't get the owner to take my money - he was too busy watching some video on his mobile and I had trouble getting his attention.  I probably could have walked away and he wouldn't have noticed. 

Kosher Burrito

Before we left Pico-Robertson, we bought some giant bagels in the Eilat Market for breakfast tomorrow.
From there, we went to Beverly Hills to immerse ourselves in the glow of the rich and no-so-famous.  Not quite the way the day was planned but it was still fun.  What made it more fun were the two hours of free parking in one of the City of Beverly Hills lots.  The lot even gave us a chance to get a great picture of Jed Clampett's neighborhood.
Beverly Hills from Parking Lot Rooftop
We stopped off in an art gallery featuring Pablo Picasso and his various muses.  Although, we were clearly not their usual customers, the staff was very polite.  We spent quite a bit of time checking out this most interesting exhibit.  The paintings on display were going for mid to high five figures so they must have been prints.  After the gallery, we walked up and down the various streets of Beverly Hills ending up at Rodeo Drive.  We struck a bargain with some girls to do reciprocal picture taking.  They did a pretty good job of capturing us in front of a floral advert backdrop.
Slumming on Rodeo Drive
After putting a few thousand steps on our pedometers, we returned the car to Sixt on La Cienega South of Wilshire.  The check in, done by a scanner in their parking lot, was quick.  We called for an Uber opting to go with a pool car (a first for us) to save some money.  The fare was calculated to be $13.29 and the car arrived in about five minutes.  There was a woman in the passenger seat.  Long story short, our 4.8 mile ride took us exactly 48 minutes (he dropped off the other passenger first at Wilshire and La Brea).  With a pre-existing $5 credit the total ride cost us $8.29 and since we were a few minutes late, I now have a $2 credit waiting for me.  FYI – because of the subway construction on Wilshire, it took us about 30 minutes to go one block on 6th Street.  I don’t see how anyone made any money on this ride.
My brother in law picked us up at our hotel.  Dinner was again at my sister’s place – barbecued chicken – very good.
Hoping to get some rest because, tomorrow, our plan is to do some more walking around our immediate neighborhood.

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