Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Sunny – mid 80F

Another beautiful day at sea…

Room Service Breakfast – Waffles, cottage cheese, jellies, and oatmeal.  Still coming on time and hot.

This morning is presentation marathon day.

Jim Howard is on at 9:00 AM talking about Columbus and the discovery of America; the Captain is on at 10:00 AM giving a slide show tour of the ship; and I am running the anchor leg at 11:00 AM with “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”. I attended Jim’s talk and it wasn’t so much about Columbus (in fact, hardly anything on Columbus) but rather about the various peoples that had explored North America before Columbus. 

Today, the multi-component center screen is down (perhaps for the Captain’s presentation) but we all got the benefit of having a large screen to work with.  I had a wonderful crowd today, the largest of the cruise, and close to a full house (it was hard to tell because there were paintings placed along the side walls).  I am guessing upwards of 150 people attended the presentation – no one left and a nice round of applause followed.  It went very well.  To put it another way, most, if not all of the people who heard the Captain (and he had a good turnout) stayed for my talk as well.  I did start late but I still got everyone off to lunch pretty much on time.  A few people stayed afterwards to comment (no real questions) and I got some super feedback from a number of guests during the afternoon.

 20140227_ Titanic 3 (Small) 20140227_ Titanic 2 (Small) 20140227_Titanic 1 (Small) 20140227_Titanic talk 4 (Small)

Search for the Unknown Titanic Child

It was beautiful on the open deck so that’s where we were for the rest of the day.

20140227_At sea port side (Small)

I also managed to shoot one of the best sunsets of the cruise so far.

20140227_Sunset from Dining Room (Small)

After dinner, we listened to Max and then off to the show – Garin Bader – pianist/magician.  We had seen Garin before so we only stayed for a short time.

20140227_Garin Bader (Small)

Garin Bader

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