Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014 – Acajutla, El Salvador – Sunny – 90F

Distance from Huatulco to Acajutla, El Salvador: 74 Nautical Miles

This is a new port for us. 

20140301_Shoreline El Salvador (Small)

20140301_El Salvador shore (Small)

The Coast of El Salvador

There is not much of a port but there is a recreation area near the port.  It is warm today so we plan to go to the Recreation Area after breakfast.

20140301_Acajutla rec area (Small)

Acajutla Recreation Park

The area has WiFi and is manned by a group of vendors selling various items.  A mariachi  band provided the entertainment and a nearby beach was there for sun worshippers. 

20140301_Acajutla beach (Small) 20140301_Acajutla beach 1 (Small)

The beach at Acajutla

There is also an ambulance standing by just in case someone needs some medical attention. For us, it was just a hang out at the park day – until it got too hot and too buggy.

20140301_bigfoot at Acajutla (Small)  20140301_E at Acajutla rec area (Small)

Checking in at Acajutla

My final presentation is at 2:00 PM which is also when we push for our next port.  The talk - “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” – got started a little late because tonight’s singer ran a little late on his rehearsal (right up to the 2 PM start time for me).  Then the captain came on with his daily update so I didn’t really get going until about 2:15 PM.  The talk was once again well attended – I am calling the crowd at about 150 people.  Overall, the five sessions went well and I got lots of nice feedback (one seasoned cruiser told me that in the 72 cruises she has taken, I was the best speaker she had ever heard - “my my, the vapors”).  Hope she posts that somewhere.

20140301_ Final Talk 5 (Small) 20140301_ Final Talk 4 (Small) 20140301_ Final Talk 2 (Small) 20140301_ Final Talk 1 (Small)

20140301_Final Talk (Small)

The Final Talk

Showtime tonight was “California Soul Man” – Bruce Parker, who puts on a hyperkinetic show featuring doo-wap, Motown, and soul from the 50s and 60s.  We have seen him before and he sweats off about 15 pounds during his show.  Very entertaining.  Ellen and I met his fiancée before the show.

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