Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March 1, 2024 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Warm Hazy – 75F

Constellation is making her way back to Tampa (it took two days to get back on the first cruise and she is doing in one day this time). 

I was up early (took my Cabin View Photo)

and got to the Café at 6:45 AM, and got a nice seat outside - It is still warm.

– I started off with a bowl of mixed cereals.  I went over to the pancake and waffle area a few minutes after it was supposed to open and it was not yet ready for business.  The guy behind the counter noticed me and without saying a word put two pancakes on a plate and handed it to me over the strap they use to keep people away before they open.  I guess I’m known here and at the cottage cheese and sour cream area.

I got a seat outside on the patio and put together my usual breakfast of pancakes plus along with some scrambled eggs (I shook things up a bit by putting some cheddar cheese on my eggs). The coffee was hot and the sunrise sky was amazing. I brought Ellen her usual Lox plate along with the banana bagel from the Spa Café. 

My final talk, “Forensics and History: The Search for Jack the Ripper”, was once again scheduled at 10 AM in the Theater.  When I got there, there were quite a few people already there.  I had to modify my talk a bit because the Captain is once again following me and I need to be done in 45 minutes.  I spent some time chatting with guests before getting up on stage to start. 

When I got up there, the entire audience started applauding – I was totally taken aback because that has never happened to me in 17 years of being on ships.  It was simply incredible. I thanked Christian and Jaime, my AV guys, as well as Sue and Bradley.

There were a lot of perfect attendees in this series as well.  By the way, Lizzie and Aaron both got a lot of votes.  

The talk ran 46 minutes and I got another nice round of applause when I finished.  I got off the stage fast so the Captain could set up.

As I was leaving the theater after this final talk, one passenger said something to me that I did not understand.  She told me that since I was half Polish, she was saying “thank you” in Polish (Dziekuje).  I told her that I don’t speak Polish but what an interesting gesture.  It was that kind of audience. 

On this cruise (and on the last one), I spent a lot of time speaking with guests before the talk.  I would venture up the stage right aisle greeting people and chatting.  On the next twin isle Celebrity cruise, I will also greet folks on the other aisle.  I also met people as they came into the theater.

Also, based on Ellen feedback, I moved from Stage Left to Stage Right during these talks so I would see the whole audience and they would see me.  I talked as I changed position so that added a new wrinkle to the delivery.

We had lunch outside in the Café – along with a Mexican Coke, we were surprised when they offered Fish and Chips (not sure of the fish but it was good – I had it with Ranch Dressing). They also had pretzels on the buffet and I had a couple of those with Ranch Dressing also (they were really good).  We stayed out there after finishing until it got a bit noisy and then we went inside to the Rendezvous Lounge.

We also did not stay there long since the Symphony Duo was playing there.

We finished most of our packing before getting ready for dinner.  Our final dinner was at the Oceanview Café outside.

It was a little chilly out there but we were dressed for it.  The final dinner was Pasta Pesto again, a green salad (the only real lettuce left on board in romaine so I got mine from the Cesar Salad station).  I had the usual stuff on there and topped it with all three of my favorite dressings, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

As is our usual custom, we passed on the show, which we would have anyhow since it was “Rock City”. 

We went back to the room and finished packing.  I put the suitcases outside and we were settling down when we discovered that the toilet was not flushing – the flush button had no response. This, of course, would cause a problem in the morning.  I called Guest Relations and they said they would send a plumber out right away.  No one showed for about a half hour – I called Guest Relations back and told them not to call us with a status update.  Before lights went out I checked outside our room and I could see a hose coming down from the ceiling and some noise a little further away.

While I was trying to get to sleep, I heard our toilet flush twice on its own.  I tested it and it was working.  Crisis averted.

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