Sunday, March 10, 2024

February 20, 2024 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Warm – 70sF

Another beautiful and warm day in the Gulf of Mexico.  Another great breakfast up in the Oceanview Café.  I’ve trained the staff in the buffet about my cottage cheese and sour cream requirement and I seem to be able to get that when I need it.  Beautiful views again from my seat in the Café.  The Sun was just coming up and look at how calm the seas are.

My fourth talk, “Forensics and History: The Search for Jack the Ripper”, was scheduled at 10 AM in the Celebrity Theater.  I should mention that I really like the talks taking place at the same time and place each day – some ships like to move the schedule around and all that does is confuse everyone.  The turnout again was terrific – more than 90 percent of the theater full.  The crowd was split between Lizzie Williams  and Aaron Kosminski with Lizzie winning a plurality.  The talk went very well and I finished on time.  My photographer was otherwise booked so no pictures of today's presentation.

The headliner tonight was Josh Christina

a pianist/vocalist who looks like a younger version of Elton John and sounds like him as well.  It was his first time on Celebrity and, I am not really sure about this, his first cruise.  He did the usual Jerry Lee Lewis piano noise fest and some Elton John but he missed an opportunity to do some slower Elton John songs, which would have balanced his playlist.

After the show we went to Cellar Masters (Deck 5 Forward) to hear Acoustic Duo: Malenna again.  

They are from Colombia and the duo is composed of Nathalia and Andres.  I really like their mellow Latin Sound and we were close enough to them to take some decent pictures of them.

Earlier in the evening, I got a great shot of the sun setting in the Gulf.

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