Saturday, March 9, 2024

February 16, 2024 – Caribbean Sea – Warmer – 70s

Another beautiful sea day.

Another nice breakfast – I have worked out a system to get my cottage cheese and sour cream.  It seems that both of these items are kept in a fridge at the yoghurt table in the Oceanview Café buffet.  The people behind the counter will give me a scoop of each when I ask.  Today, the sour cream was somewhere else and the young lady brought me some to my table.  Nice service. 

All my talks so far have been scheduled for 10 AM in the Celebrity Theater. Today, I am presenting “Forensics and History: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”.  When I arrived at the theater at 9:30 AM, the doors are both closed but there are people waiting to get in.  As I always do, I chatted with some of the guests before the talk.  This guy came down the aisle to talk to me and he introduced himself as the comedian on board.  I recognized Tony Esposito right away (although he was dressed a bit differently from his act).  He said he was at yesterday’s talk and he was going to stay today, as well.  We talked a bit about comedy on board and then I had to get started.  How about that.  I gave Tony a little plug at the beginning of my talk.  

Attendance today was fantastic with more than 80 percent of the seats filled.  There were people in both balcony levels.  It was a great crowd.  When I finished and showed a preview slide of my Jack the Ripper talk, the audience gave me a big round of applause (why).  Anyhow, a fun time. 

I chatted with a few guests after the program out in front of the theater.  The captain and I believe the first officer stopped and told me that they had been in the talk as well (I guess the Titanic is a subject the captain would be interested in).  Other captains have come in and out of my sessions in the past but it sounded like they were there the whole time.

Today, we had lunch in the San Marco Dining Room because the menu had some of our favorite items: crispy mushrooms in artichoke sauce, cold potato leek soup, panini with eggs (Ellen’s favorite), and Nicoise Salad (tuna well done, mostly).  We had a table away from everyone and the service was great. A very nice lunch.

We spent the afternoon on loungers on the open deck (away from the wind and in the shade). 

I am reading “Dead Mountain” a new novel by Preston and Child. 

We had dinner in the Oceanview Café – it’s Turkish Night (no baklava unfortunately) so I just had a Cesar Salad, some feta cheese, some pizza and some of the calzone (didn’t like it).  Not a great experience tonight but we did eat outside which was a treat.  I also got a very nice picture of Ellen in her "against the railing" ionic pose.

The entertainment tonight is “The Magic of Gabriel”.  Gabriel, who is Italian, is the Magician in Residence on Constellation.  I could not understand most of what he was saying and so we stayed for just a few minutes before heading to Cellar Masters to hear “Acoustic Duo Malenna”.  They have a soft soothing style – they are Hispanic and sometimes she sings in Spanish.  Their set was nice.  

The perfume on board the ship is a bit heavy at times so we called in a night.

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