Saturday, March 9, 2024

February 18, 2024 – Belize City, Belize – Cloudy, Rainy, and Windy – 79F

Belize City is a tender port and with the weather, the tenders are delayed.

The P&O Aurora (the ship we travelled alongside with to Peru) is anchored out here as well.

Today we tried something different for breakfast – I did not go up the Oceanview Café for breakfast.  Instead I waited for Ellen and we both went to the San Marco Dining Room for breakfast. We got a table at a window but close to another table (we did chat with those folks).  Ellen had apple pancakes and fried eggs and I had regular pancakes with fried eggs (along with an oatmeal starter).  The issues with the dining room is that most of the food arrived at the table cool or cold and getting coffee refills was very difficult.  It was a different experience.

So far, we are not thinking of going ashore – the weather has not improved much.  Instead we are in the Reflections Lounge.  It is a little chilly up here. 

When the winds died down, the tenders started their shuttles. 

It still didn’t look that great over in Belize City so we spent the day basically handing out in the Reflections Lounge or in the Solarium.  The Solarium was a little warmer than most of the ship so that was a plus.

At the far end of the Solarium, the spa staff was doing free face treatments so Ellen gave it a try.

Ellen also found another cruise duck - this one is a miliary duck.

Lunch today consisted of the various salads, tuna and egg, along with potato salad, available at the very aft end of the buffet.  Today, the tuna was terrific – sometimes, there are large chunks of tuna in the salad.  A nice light lunch.

I am making progress on “Dead Mountain” but the plot is rolling out at a glacial speed.  Hope things pick up soon.  There are lots of red herrings being dropped along the way and I don’t know which makes the most sense.

I had the made to order pasta tonight for dinner – tomatoes, onions, broccoli, and garlic sautéed and then mixed with spaghetti and marinara sauce poured on top.  It was a little better tonight – maybe not as much oil used to sauté the veggies.  A tossed salad completed the meal.

We are excited about tonight’s entertainer – Michelle Dowdy is doing her Broadway Show.  She has a super set of pipes and she’s loud (and on key) but not painful like some of the singers on ships. Tonight she performed “Broadway Baby”, 

“Good Morning Baltimore” (of course), 

“Somewhere That's Green” 

and “Suddenly Seymour” 

from Little Shop of Horrors (she played Audrey II (the plant) in a version of that show), “Come to the Cabaret”,  “I Dreamed a Dream”, 

and “Don’t Rain on My Parade”.  

It was a very entertaining show and she was joined by her fiancé on the Little Shop of Horrors medley. 

After the show, we took in “The Lucky Band” in the Rendezvous Lounge until they once again got too loud. 

The clocks go forward one hour to put the ship on Eastern Time. 

Seas are smooth but our twin noises remain.

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