Sunday, March 10, 2024

February 21, 2024 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Warm – 70sF

I think I slept a bit better last night – don’t know why.

With the time change, I was able to get a marvelous Sunrise up in the Oceanview Café, along with my usual wonderful breakfast.  The coffee was really hot this morning.

My final talk, “Open Unsolved Cases: Forensic Genetic Genealogy”, drew essentially a full house (if you don’t count the seats nobody wants to sit in – in the front along the walls.  So probably about 95 percent full – rounding up to a full house.  

It’s also amazing how many people are up in the two levels of balconies. 

I asked the audience how many people had perfect attendance and about 90 percent raised their hands.

I have only given this talk a couple of times and the first time on Celebrity.  I had trimmed the talk to fit in the allotted time and this made it go a lot smoother.  I was also able to get across the tech involved in this kind of DNA testing.  I was happy with both the turnout and the talk.

Ellen went to the Continuing Passenger briefing in the Conference Rooms at 10:30 AM.  We now know the turnaround process. We also found out that we are changing rooms and that our new room is 2027, which is located at the Forward Elevator Lobby.  We expect that this room will be noisy as it will see a lot of Theater traffic and will also be able to hear the elevator dings go off when the car arrives.  I emailed Bradley with my concerns about the room and he said he would look into it.  His response was that the ship was full on the next cruise and that room was assigned to us.

When I got back to the room, I got a call from Guess Relations that a passenger had left a letter for me and that they would deliver it to me.  Instead, I went to pick it up and it was a very nice thank you note from a passenger who had attended the talks.

As we always do, we ate dinner on the last night of the cruise in the Oceanview Cafe - still warm outside.

We spent most of the last night of this cruise in our room – nice and comfortable.  Tomorrow all we need to do is put everything in our drawers and in the bathroom into our suitcases and a room steward will move them and the hanging stuff and shoes to our new room.

It's great to be an ongoing passenger.

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