Monday, March 11, 2024

February 23, 2024 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Warm -70s

We are off on the second of our twin cruises.  It is a beautiful first day out there with calm sees and blue skies.  As always, I was up early and got a picture of the Gulf of Mexico from our cabin.

Even though this is the second cruise, the first morning up in the Oceanview Cafe is always exciting.  Another wonderful breakfast (the staff still has my cottage cheese and sour cream stash available. This is my first breakfast on the back deck.  Warm, no wind, and a scenic sunrise as well.

As on the first cruise, all of my presentations are scheduled at 10 AM in the Celebrity Theater. When I got to the theater at 9:30 PM, one of the dancers (from Australia) was conducting a tour of the stage, which was set up for tonight’s show. I didn’t want to disturb her so I stayed in the back of the theater until Jaime motioned to me that I should come down and set up, which I did while she was finishing up.

I spent about 20 minutes greeting and chatting with the audience (a fun time for me) as they were finding their seats.

I was anticipating that Sue would introduce me at this talk but she wasn’t there at show time.  I started to present and I saw her on the floor next to the stage. I asked her to come on up and she said she was a little late (she had given the daily spiel right after the Captain).  She said some nice things about me and the talks and I was off and running.   

“CSI Phenomenon – Forensics on TV” pulled a good turnout for a first session – 40 percent of theater was occupied. Got some nice feedback from guests as I was leaving the theater.

We had dinner at our new table in the San Marco Dining Room. It’s a super table with a view of the Fourth Floor restaurant and also the back windows.  It is not really close to other people and relatively quiet.  Our assigned wait staff, Roy and Jayson, are friendly and efficient.  Our food came quickly and we even stayed for a second cup of coffee. 

We passed on “Rock City” and instead spent some time listening to the “Lucky Band” in the Rendezvous Lounge.

To the room and quiet.

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