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February 17, 2024 – Roatan, Honduras – Warm – Partly Cloudy – 79F

Still not sleeping on this ship even though there is no reason for it.    

It is beautiful outside and the temperature is forecast to be around 80F so it should be comfortable to get off and look around later.  

The Oceanview Café opened 30 minutes earlier this morning to accommodate the folks on early excursions.  I had my usual waffles and stuff for breakfast.  I haven’t depleted their Daisy Cottage Cheese tub and there is still sour cream to be had (although, the server keeps bringing me too much).  Over the past couple of days, the ship has placed a coffee wagon in the Café and the coffee she serves is piping hot – that saves me a trip to the coffee dispensers.

Constellation is the only ship here today and we are docked at the pier closest to the terminal, which saves us a long walk.  We disembarked at little after 10 AM and made out way over to the shopping area.  

There has been a lot of new construction since we were here just a few weeks ago.  We were told that the large wooden structure (that looks a bit like Noah’s Ark) will be the new and improved Diamond’s International Store and it will most likely replace the smaller store in the shopping area. 

There was a little stand selling Belizean coffee and although the bags contained a full pound (and not 10 ounces), the bags sold for $18.  My limit for coffee back home is less than $10 a pound and on cruise ports between $5 and $7 a pound.  It’s not crazy like Kona or Blue Mountain coffee but it is still out of line pricewise.  I also was hoping for some local beer but it’s only 10 AM and too early for me (FYI – beer is $6 a bottle at the port). 

We checked out some of the shops – I was looking for a Roatan Cap for my collection but they were $13 and also out of line with price expectations.  We did get out picture taken by the Roatan sign.

It seemed a lot warmer than 79F so we headed back to the AC on Constellation.  There was no breeze on any of the open decks so we found a couch in the Solarium (deck 10) by the door.  That generated some air movement when someone opened the door.  The Solarium was at a comfortable temperature and the chlorine smell was minimal.

At 11:30 AM, I went over to the Pool Grill and ordered a veggie burger with sautéed onions.  We found a table in the Solarium and Ellen had the Caprese Salad and Quinoa Salad from the Spa Cafe.  They don’t serve Iced Tea there so we both had the sugar saturated guava drink.

We spent the afternoon in the Solarium reading.

We had dinner in the San Marco Dining Room since they had two nice pastas on the menu tonight.  I had the Penne Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese sauce and Ellen had the Pappardelle with Mushroom Ragout.  We went early to dinner (around 5 PM) so we would be able to get good seats for tonight’s show.  Both dishes were very good and they both got finished.  We also both had Cesar Salads – they came dry (Ellen likes her dressing light and no parmesan), which was a good thing because usually the salads sit a while with dressing on them so they get soggy.  

We listened literally to five minutes of Acoustic Duo – Malenna in the Rendezvous Lounge before getting good seats in the Theater.  

Tonight is our favorite show on Celebrity Ships – “Broadway Cabaret” - where the six Celebrity Singers perform Broadway and West End songs. 

Tonight’s song list included “On Broadway”, a medley from " Beautiful”, 

a medley from “Les Miserables”, 

“What I did for Love”, 

and the finale, “You Can’t Stop the Beat”.  

It was, as it always is, a wonderful show. The singers all have wonderful voices and deliver the goods.  There is real emotion in these songs and you can feel it coming from the cast.

After the show, we went back to the Rendezvous Lounge to catch the “Waves Party Band”.  They are OK but their song list is odd and they go from quiet stuff to very loud stuff.  We found seats away from the speakers but it still got to loud and we headed for the room. We, regrettably missed Tony Esposito’s Adult Show but I, at least, was too tired to stay up.

Lights out at 10:40.

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