Wednesday, March 13, 2024

February 28, 2024 – Belize City, Belize – Sunny – Warm – 80F

As always, we are at anchor off the coast of Belize City and the ship will be running local tenders back and forth all day.  

Beautiful day here - seas are calm (the view from the Cabin) - not like the rainy breezy stuff we had last cruise.

(the Captain told us later that he held off dropping the noisy anchor to avoid getting people up early.)

The Oceanview Café opened 30 minutes early today so people would be able to go on their excursions.  I was up there at 6:30 AM and there were lots of people there already.  I did manage to score an outside table so I got some nice views.

I started off with a waffle with the fixings but the waffle was not cooked all the way through so I transferred the fixings to some pancakes and that was breakfast.  I picked up an avocado bruschetta and banana bagel for Ellen from the Spa Café to go along with her room service hot tea.

Here with us today are the Carnival SpiritEnchantment OTS, and the MSC Divina (although I did not see her). 

I went to the Solarium to look for loungers and found the last two open loungers.  Just before the Café closed for late breakfast, one of the servers went to the tombs and brought me some herring (mini second breakfast).  The Constellation has really been good wrt customer service.

We stayed on these loungers with a break for lunch (salad and pizza today – I also gave the four cheese calzone another chance – reheated and served with marinara dip made it a very good option).

We went back to the loungers until the new age music and the need to change positions took us to our cabin. 

I had ordered a special meal for tonight at the San Marco Dining Room but Ellen was not feeling so good so I called the restaurant and asked them to have that meal ready tonight.  They said they would take care of it.

Instead, we went to the Oceanview Café and sat outside – it was quite warm and we had to move inside.  It was Turkish Night and I tried the Mirza, something like Shakshuka, with eggplant, tomatoes, and little bitty eggs (I didn’t want to know where they came from).  It was OK but the tomato sauce was a minor ingredient and the spices were odd.  I also had a very nice order of Pasta Pesto (this time with a little more sauce), which was very good.  Ellen had them grill some Tilapia that looked really good.

We watched the scenic sail away from the back deck.

The headliner tonight is Lenny Schmidt, a comedian that we were really looking forward to see.  

His background also lists him as a actor and he looked familiar to me (maybe because he has been on many of the TV shows that I watch).  He was lukewarm funny with few original jokes and mostly interacting with the audience.  I don’t find those kind of comics that funny. He was very loud and at times difficult to understand.

After the show, we went to Cellar Masters for some quiet but the Classical Duo (strings) were in there so we didn’t stay long.  We had no choice but to go to the room for peace and quiet.

The clocks move forward tonight to put us on EST or Tampa Time. 

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