Saturday, March 9, 2024

February 15, 2024 – Gulf of Mexico – Sunny Skies, Breezy – 70s

Slowly getting warmer. The seas are so smooth you can’t tell that the ship is moving. 

Another nice breakfast upstairs. Ate outside for the first time this cruise and got some nice pictures.

The Celebrity App which is very handy has been down for a few days. Uninstalling and re-installing the App does not do the trick. The software engineers successfully brought the app back on line today – Nice Job. 

My talk today – “Search for the Baton Rouge Serial Killer” – is at 10 PM in the Theater. This talk was requested by Celebrity as a tie-in to the New Orleans stop.  The turnout is great with about 70 percent of the theater occupied.  

Although it borrows elements from another talk, it is a new talk and one of the shortest at 40 minutes.  I might have to fortify it a bit for the next cruise.  The audience seemed to like it.

 At 1 PM, we attended a “Captain’s Circle” event in Reflection’s Lounge.  A few speeches by Sue and Captain Morfis and some snacks and drinks (I had two of the wine coolers).  Sue said she was happy with the turnouts.

It was warm enough to spend some time on open deck 4 forward on the shady side away from the wind.   

We had dinner in the Dining Room tonight because they had a pasta we liked – tube pasta with mushrooms (we had it made without prosciutto).  We also tried the Branzino – Ellen liked it but I wasn’t impressed.  We skipped dessert because it was getting late and we wanted to see the show.

The headliner tonight is comedian Tony Esposito

who works his background (Southern mom and Italian father and now living in South Florida) into his act.  His skits involved a lot of stuff about Waffle Houses, being overweight, and other stuff about the South. He was very funny and broke the string of unfunny comedians we have experienced on ships lately.

Our cabin is once again temperature controlled as maintenance fixed the thermostat.

We are still getting some ship noises in the cabin – the whooshing sound and now a tapping sound has joined in.  Ear plugs continue to handle these noises.

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