Friday, March 8, 2024

February 11, 2024 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Partly Cloudy – 60s

Not great sleep (plugs were part of the problem).

I was in the Oceanview Café when it opened at 7 AM.  I found a nice table by the window.

Constellation has only circular tables of various sizes in the Café so I always put down extra settings and plates so I can have the table to myself - the magazine I read at breakfast also keep place.  The breakfast was pretty good – there was no cottage cheese on the buffet so I asked someone for it and I was able to get some.  Didn’t push my luck with sour cream.  I had a waffle (a bit soggy and cold) and some scrambled eggs (very good).  The big problem is coffee – it is difficult to find a functioning coffee dispenser (either cleaning or brewing).  So, the coffee was cold.  I’ll have to figure out a strategy for this problem.  Overall, a good breakfast.

My first talk, “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs”, was not even on the list I submitted to Celebrity.  I had to spend a few minutes modifying a talk I gave years ago to make it work as the first session (the first talk has a lot of background material on DNA and I had to put that back in). 

I went to the Celebrity Theater at 9:30 AM to greet passengers and set up.  When I got there, about 10 people were sitting down.  By the time the talk started, the theater was more than half full (capacity 900) and probably one of the biggest first day turnouts I can recall. 

Sue gave me a very nice introduction


and the talk, “Mystery of the Romanovs”, finished at 10:51 AM or right on time.  The AV set up by Christian was quick and perfect.  The screen was a little fuzzy as it is sometimes when the AV is tuned for the production shows.  It still worked out fine.

Today is all about the Super Bowl.  At 5:00 PM, the game will be shown in the theater, the casino, and up on the rooftop garden.  The weather outside is awful so most everybody will be in the theater. We checked it out and there will be food (burgers, wings, etc.) and drinks in the back of level 4.  I tried to watch part of the game but couldn’t find a seat.  Besides, there are too many people in the theater so I am going to pass (I am still wearing my mask in the elevator). 

While the 49ers and Chiefs were going at each other in Las Vegas, we were in the Rendezvous Lounge listening to two different bands – Lucky Band and Waves.

We had dinner in the San Marco Dining Room.  We both had the broiled salmon plus the Cream of Potato soup off the Veggie Menu.     

Tomorrow, New Orleans.

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