Wednesday, March 13, 2024

February 27, 2024 – Roatan, Honduras, CA – Mostly Sunny – 79F

Another beautiful sunrise from Cabin 3118.

The Oceanview Café opened a half hour earlier this morning and even though I was up there at 6:30 AM, I couldn’t get a table outside.  I did get a nice table on the side opposite most of the food and still got a good view.

A couple of pancakes plus the usual dairy products plus some scrambled egg (and a starter of corn flakes and Rice Krispies) constituted my consistently good breakfast.  The coffee was nice and hot today and the coffee lady brought me an additional hot cup.  Ellen had her breakfast delivered by her personal attendant.

There are three other ships here today - Carnival Jubilee (5700 passengers) is docked at Mahogany Bay in the distance; NCL Prima – 3500 passengers – is along side of us and a bit offset and the Enchantment of the Seas is anchored offshore (very close) and the tenders are dropping passengers at a port next to us.  

Coxen Hole, Roatan, which has 5000 inhabitants will be pick up a few thousand additional folks today.   

Around 10 AM, we got off and wandered around the Shopping Complex – we were just here so the only thing that changed was progress on the construction we saw earlier. There were hundreds of workers dressed in orange jumpsuits working on a new area which looks like it will be a “Margaritaville” type entertainment facility.

We went through the gate into Coxen Hole and we didn’t get very far until we decided to turn around and go back to the ship. The smell of cooking meat as well as other interesting smells was all it took to change our plans.  The only photo on shore was at the Duty Free Shop where I had to get a picture of a giant Oreo.

We cut through the parking lot for the Complex to get to the ship - a lot shorter way.

Once back on the ship, I found out that if you take a cab a little further down the main street you will come to a more pleasant part of town complete with restaurants, salons, and a shopping mall.  We might check that out next time.

Even though we got up there early, there were no seats on the back deck so we had lunch in the back section of the Café. I had a nice salad (blue cheese dressing may be the best of the dressings) and a tuna sandwich plus some egg salad. Ice cream did the job for dessert. That kind of eating will stop when we get home.

We spent some time up in the Reflections Lounge but the ship was cleaning the windows and the machinery screeched so bad, we had to leave for the quiet bliss of our cabin.  Before we left, I got a picture of the Carnival Jubilee docked at Mahogany Bay in the distance, as well as picture of a jet landing at Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport. 

We were going to eat in the San Marco Dining Room tonight and got there early so we could eat and still see the show.  We waited about 15 minutes until the doors opened at about 5:50 PM.  I had the Chop Chop Deconstructed Salad (from the Veggie Menu) and the Sauteed Tilapia (Putanesca [olives and stuff] style) off the regular menu.  The salad was so so (not really a chopped salad) even with the Blue Cheese Dressing but the Tilapia was really good – perfectly grilled in a tasty sauce with pasta.  Ellen had the Butternut Farrotto (off the Veggie Menu with no duck).  She liked it but I thought it was overly sweet.  Dinner still took a while and we passed on dessert and headed to the theater.  

On our way there, I captured the Sunset.

Tonight, Josh Christina, Rock and Roll Pianist is putting on his second show of the cruise. 

The songs were similar to those in his first show.  We stayed for about three songs and then went to Cellar Masters to hear Acoustic Guitarist, Gaston.  This was our first time taking in his show and his stuff is pretty mellow – he sang one song in Spanish and only one song I recognized.  I should mention that Bradley was the host tonight.

We stayed put for a while and then went to the room.

Legs are hurting a bit probably due to the 9338 steps taken today.  No pain no gain. And sometimes, just pain.

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