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February 19, 2024 – Cozumel, Mexico – Mostly Sunny – 79

Another beautiful day on the island of Cozumel.  I had another really nice breakfast in the Oceanview Café (the pancake cottage cheese combo) and caught the sunrise from my indoor table (I should be eating outdoors but these seats are more comfortable).  I brought Ellen her favorite meal - super room service.

Our plan today, as we usually do when we come here, is to find a nice affordable spa for some well deserved pampering.  Our plans needed to be revised as we docked in the International Terminal instead of in the city of San Miguel.  That meant we could not go to our usual spa (too far away) and we would need to find an alternative near this terminal.

It’s a quiet day in Cozumel today (both here and in the City Terminal).  The only other ship here today is the Radiance OTS (a ship that hosted a family cruise a few years back).  

It’s docked right next to us and almost exactly the same size as our ship.  If you look down toward the other City Pier, there are no ships.

We disembarked the ship around 10 AM and walked into the maze that is the shopping area at the end of the pier.  We followed the confusing signage and finally emerged outside near the main street, Avenida Rafael E. Melgar.  We turned right and walked a few blocks and found ourselves in Mayan Plaza, where we also found a spa.  The original price was $80 and the final negotiated price was $120 for the two of us.  The session was really good – the place had a door and not curtains and also had A/C so it felt like an ocean breeze.  Very relaxing and a future option near this cruise terminal.  I also used my remaining Euros (I Euro = $1.08) so it works out well for everyone.

Mayan Plaza has two Cozumel Signs so we got a picture of both of them.  

Right next to the spa, a group of Mayan Flyers were putting on their show – we got some nice pictures of them and left them a tip.

There were some other buildings in the Square and we found some interesting figures to shoot.  One of them looked like the Cisco Kid so that makes me Pancho.

I was looking for a place for a beer so we stopped at Al Chili – we went there on a promise of salsa and chips.  

The Tecate Light (in a can?) was $3 and Ellen’s Diet Coke was $2.50 – I ate the chips but did not try the salsa and dips (a lot of cruise ahead of us).  Not quite the beer moment I was looking for but we'll have other opportunities. We did take a pretty good selfie.

I would have liked to nurse my beer a bit but the seats (make out of tree branches) were uncomfortable and the music was blaring so we continued back to the ship.

We walked a bit more and came to a strip mall that used to have a Karl’s Jr. (now closed).  It did sport a crazy shark that just begged for a picture.  You could climb into the shark from the back so it looked like you'd been swallowed.  A bunch of kids were doing that but I could easily get stuck in there.

A little further into that little mall we came across a cenote, a deep well fed by underground rivers.  This one didn't look that deep and was pretty scummy.  Divers like to explore cenotes.

A woman working in the esthetic store (creams and other paraphernalia) next door pointed out the cenote and also wanted to give Ellen some special face cream.  We were snared for about a half hour in their store (I did get a beer out of the deal) and finally we were able to make our escape.

We were looking for a supermarket to get some bottled water but never found one.  We did score two waters from the lotion store.  What we did find were additional “Cozumel” city signs on this walk.  

Back on the ship we had lunch and then spent the afternoon on Deck 4 facing the Radiance OTS (the other side was the smoking side).  The side by side orientation of the ships provided a natural wind tunnel so we had a nice breeze. It was very nice.

After dinner, we went to see Al Ducharme, comedian and sound generator in the Theater. 

It’s unusual to have two comics on the same cruise (Toni Esposito got off the ship).  Al was funny in a creative way – straight jokes and some bizarre sound effects. The crowd liked him.

Once Al was done, Sue said she had a surprise for the audience.  The crew of the Constellation did their march down the aisles and gathered on the stage; they were followed by the Command Staff and Captain Morfis, who then addressed the crowd and thanked the crew and audience.  

We went back to the room after their recessional. 

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