Sunday, October 13, 2019

Thursday, December 20, 2018 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Sunny – 85 F

A beautiful day in Cabo - one of my favorite ports of call in Mexico.

No tours today – two reasons – it’s a tender port and all the tours start between 7 and 7:30 AM (wouldn't have time for breakfast) and we generally like to find an inexpensive spa when we visit Cabo.

From our anchor location, there are great view of Los Arcos,

as well as the beach and condos across the bay (where a lot of the partying goes on based on the constant music being played),

We went down to the Tender Launch deck at 9:30 AM – we didn’t need tickets at that point. We are anchored very close to the town and the ride was short.

I got a jumpseat on the tender so I could get a good picture of the ship as we headed toward Cabo.

We walked a bit around Cabo admiring the pelicans and yachts.

And the huge Marlin gracing the harbor.

After looking unsuccessfully for the very nice spa we visited last time (it was too hot to keep looking), we found a clean spa on the main drag that was offering a 70 minute session for $19.90 (neat marketing).  The massages, by my watch, only went for an hour and although my therapist was very good, she spent a lot of time on hands and feet (and included some Rikei stuff at the end.  

I really wanted the big muscles on my legs worked on (they have been aching due to my back).  Not pleased but relaxed – Ellen loved her session.

We got in a short tender line and headed back to the ship.

When we got to the ship, there was a bit of a delay because several tenders arrived at the same time.  The water was smooth so we were able to wait comfortably in the boat until it was our turn to board.

We headed for the Horizon Court for lunch (pizza and salad - plus a cold iced tea - has been the option when we get back from shore and just the kind of food you need).

We watched the sail away from Deck 15 and were also treated to a very nice sunset plus Mexico Moon - Cabo Style.

Dinner was in the Horizon Court – we found very little we could eat – it was German Night so lots of brats and similar items.  We had mushroom soup and some veggies to dip  - I also had some of the Gnocchi.  The food was good,

We passed on Showtime tonight – Bobby Brooks Wilson, the son of Jackie Wilson, who found out about his parentage through some DNA testing.  

Instead we once again spent time with the entertainers in the Crooners Lounge.

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