Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, December 30, 2018 – Maui, Hawaii – Sunny, Warm – 80s

Distance from Honolulu to Lahaina, Maui, HI 96 Nautical Miles – Speed 14.2 Knots

Just a short hop to our next port.

A tender port today.

No tour today but Dova has put together a beach getaway.

I got out of the room for breakfast before the thrusters engaged and the anchor
deployed.  I wanted to avoid the crunch caused by the passengers headed out for their tours.

The tender process was delayed due to swells so the tour folks got underway late and the rest of us waited in the Michelangelo Dining Room for our ticket numbers to be called.

We got underway around 11:00 AM and while it was tricky to get on the tender, the ride itself was pretty smooth. The trip to Lahaina was only about 10 minutes. 

Once there, we hired a taxi to take us to a snorkel shop near Kaanapali Beach (our ultimate destination). The ride costs about $20 including the tip. We rented chairs, umbrellas, beach gear. From the shop, we made the walk to the beach about 15 minutes.  The walk was tough because of the gear and the heat. We finally got to the beach behind the Kaanapali Beach Hotel and found some nice spots near the water. The beach was very nice with views of both nearby islands – Molokai to the right and Lanai to the left.



The kids swam and we sat and relaxed in the shade for about 2-3 hours. The return trip was different. We took the free green trolley to the snorkel shop and returned the gear.  We never could have walked back to the shop.  I got some nice pictures from the trolley of the golf course across the road from hotel.

We hired a taxi to take us back to Lahaina, where we got in line for the tender. Soon, we were back on the ship.

We had dinner in the Michelangelo Dining Room because they had my favorite soup, gazpacho, on the menu tonight. We also have a wonderful server, Beatriz, from Peru, who is both cheerful and efficient. I had two bowls of gazpacho (still wonderful) along with a green salad and an order of fish fingers from the kid’s menu.

After dinner, we caught Todd Alanson’s show in the Princess Theater. It was exactly the same show that we saw on the Mexico Cruise earlier. He seemed not as sharp today but it could have been the mic or sound systems.

Still not feeling all that good so I went to the room early.

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