Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011 – At Sea – Baltic Sea – Partly Cloudy – 50s

A chilly day on the Baltic Sea…

At 10:45 AM, we signed up for the “Walk a Mile” for the Make a Wish Foundation.  A donation, a tee-shirt and a nippy, windy six laps around the running track.  Here we are (below) pre-walk – no, we haven’t doubled up at the buffet; we are wearing our tee-shirts over our jackets.  About 50 people signed up for the walk – money earned for a good cause.

 Make a Wish Walk (Small)

My third talk - “Solving History’s Mysteries”- is once again in the Coral Theater at 3:00 PM.  With plenty of seating, the crowd doesn’t really arrive until about 2:45 PM.  Today’s crowd is larger than the last one – it’s hard to get a count but it must be close to 250 people.  The AV is still and issue (the King Tut information was impossible to read) and today, my remote mouse went all “poltergeist” on me and moved the slides by itself.  Perhaps some kind of interference – it had never happened before.

Attending today were Betsy and Wayne.

Talk No 3 (Small)

Tonight, we get to see “Tango Buenos Aires” once again.  The same stars, Rocio and Luciano, once again did an outstanding show.  Someone told us that this show would be a bit different but, to me, it was exactly the same.  It was still great.

Tango BA redux (Small) Rocio and Luciano Tango BA (Small)

Rocio and Luciano bring down the house

Amanda (and the other singers) did a great job on “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” – I think it is the best version I have seen performed and I think Amanda is the best singer yet on a cruise ship.

Amanda DCFM Argentina (Small)

Amanda - “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”

Betsy and Wayne came to hear my talk so we went to hear them perform in the Safari Lounge.

No touring tomorrow in Gothenburg, Sweden– can get some sleep.

Seas are smooth…

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