Sunday, September 15, 2019

October 21, 2018 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Breezy

A nice but somewhat breezy day at sea.

Instead of my usual quiet and standard breakfast up in the Oceanview Cafe, I ordered room service so I could be ready for my 9:00 AM talk – “Forensics and History: Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” - in the Celebrity Theater.  Theater time is limited because I learned that the entire entertainment group – singers, dancers, orchestra, and lounge acts has been turned over.  That means a lot of rehearsals to get everyone up to speed.

The theater was about a third full (about 300 - 400 passengers based on a capacity of 1049). 

I don’t know how many English speakers are on this ship but there must be a large foreign contingent since ship announcements are also made in German and Spanish.  Considering the passenger makeup and the early time slot, I was happy with the turnout.

I have started making tuna sandwiches using the tuna pate in the Aqua Spa Café.  I bring over fries and some salad from the Oceanview Café and some bread for the tuna.  Very good.

Because of the breezy and brisk conditions out on the deck, the Solarium was our best bet for reading and resting in the afternoon.

Tonight’s Headliner is Claire Maidin, a singer/pianist originally from the UK but now living in Amsterdam.  I seem to recall that she was the winner of "Holland Has Talent" - a contest she was entered into by her husband - she had suffered a health scare and her hubby felt she needed to get back on the stage.

She is very talented but she is more of a belter than a singer.  She did a lot of Adele’s songs, some of which I liked but they were sung as a volume greater than the original version.  Still, the show was very entertaining - she has a good stage presence.

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