Thursday, September 12, 2019

October 19, 2018 – Civitavecchia, Italy – Turnaround Back to Back

It may sound strange but one of the things I like about cruising is not having to pack and disembark on back to back cruises.  It's a very relaxing time.

I was up early enough for breakfast that I saw the beautiful sunrise in Civitavecchia.

I also watched the arrival of the MSC Fantasia, probably the first of many ships to arrive today in this popular port.

The continuing passengers met at 9:00 AM in Rendezvous Lounge to get our new Sea Pass Cards – pretty easy process.  About 20 passengers are staying on for the next cruise, which is good for me because I don't have to change any of my talks.

We had seen a lot of Civitavecchia before the cruise so we decided to stay on the ship for the day.  We expected the ship to be pretty empty for most of the day, so it would essentially be our ship.  We also moved to Cabin 2355 – just next door.  The move was pretty painless actually.  I should mention that the other cabin’s temperature control didn’t work so the cabin was always refrigerated.  The new cabin is much more comfortable and is the mirror image of the first room.  We won't need to bundle up any more and can relax on top of the covers without icing up.

One of the ways we are able to find our room is the presence of a statue of a woman holding out her hand as if asking for coins.  I think she deserved to be noted for her service.

It was really nice to have the ship to ourselves for the morning and into lunch.  We got up to the Oceanview Café before most of the new passengers did.

The afternoon was spent in an almost deserted Solarium.  The solarium is home to a huge woman, that I like to call "Buffet Goal".

Ellen and I sat with Jayne at the Lifeboat Drill (Jayne was unrecognizable in her huge curlers).  She is indeed a very amusing sort.

The situation with the San Marco Dining Room remains unchanged on this cruise – we’ll try later in the cruise to eat in the Dining Room.

The Welcome Aboard Show featured Jayne Curry.  To my surprise, there were small turnouts at each show (less than half full) but the show was still entertaining – Jayne threw in some stuff about crowd size.  Jayne did a fantastic job on her signature song, "I Am What I Am".

Sam introduced me as the BTP speaker for the cruise at both shows – my first session was OK but I did a much better job on the second.

After the show, we caught the new House Band.  They were entertaining and I think we will be seeing more of them as the cruise continues.

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