Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 – Caldera, Costa Rica – Sunny – 92F

Distance from Quepos to Caldera,Costa Rica: 106 Nautical Miles

Total Voyage: 2048 Nautical Miles

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Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica


Now Transitioning into Cruise 2

Caldera to Los Angeles


We have a new Captain – A Scot – Captain Magnus Davidson.  Not as witty as Captain Johannes but straight to the point with short announcements.

Approximately 150 passengers are doing the back to back (versus, according to Eric, the usual 30 – 40).  We were given information on the passengers demographics of the second cruise.


We are switching rooms (4009 to 4018) so we have to be out of our room by 8:30 AM (according to one source).  I went up to the Windows Café at 6:30 AM to avoid the 400 or so passengers getting off the ship.  I had my usual breakfast on the back deck and it wasn’t crowded (perhaps too warm for folks).

We were out of the rooms on time and went to the Cabaret Lounge where we had our old keycard signed out and activated our new card (which we got yesterday).  That took no time at all.

When we went back down, we were told that our new room was ready and indeed all of our stuff had been moved by housekeeping.  We put everything back and now we are living in 4018.

I finished “The Drop” (Harry Bosch Novel).  It was OK and somewhat interesting in that it involved solving a cold case.  It also put Harry up against his super enemy, Irvin Irving (old boss and LA councilman).  Their exchanges are priceless.

Right now, we are in the “Living Room” awaiting both lunch and 400 new passengers.

We got to the Windows Café a little early so we could get ahead of the crowd.  As it turned out, no crowd actually appeared and we had a leisurely lunch – same as last cruise – Vegetarian Pad Thai, Teriyaki Salmon, Cesar Salad, multi bean salad, some guacamole and salsa and pretzel – soft serve chocolate for dessert.  “Groundhog Day” on ship.

I found out that my first talk will be tomorrow so I worked on it a bit on Deck 5 (now in the shade and a little cooler).

I should have read the letter from Matt more carefully because it indicated that we would be filming a promotional video at 6:00 PM in the Drawing Room.  I went up to the Drawing Room a little early and saw no Matt or AV tech – instead, there was a private function being held.  I went down to Matt’s office – I ran into Eric and he got in touch with Matt and found out we would now be filming in the Guest Relations Area.

It was a bit noisy in the area but we got the video done (again, they make me nervous).

Because of the video shoot, we had to eat in the Dining Room again.  I had a salad with Spicy Tuna, a Cesar Salad, Polenta (sharing), and Stuffed Shells (shared).  The service was quick and we were out of there in under an hour.

We went to the Welcome Aboard Show – Matt briefly previewed the activities planned for the cruise and then the heads of departments came up and described their departments.  Eric came back on and I was surprised when he asked the enrichment folks to join him on the stage.  I gave a brief and, I am sure, confusing summary of my series.  Chuck and Paula (the Bridge Instructor) did the same.  Eric finished up the show with his always wonderful, “You Raise Me Up”.

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Introductions and Enrichment Summaries

The show was late (we opted not to attend Don Bryan’s Show) and I am working tomorrow so we called it a day. 

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