Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Sunny – 80F

Distance from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas: 295 Nautical Miles

Day 1

20160225_sunriseatsea_thumb 20160225_atsea1_thumb

Sunrise at Sea / View at Breakfast

The Journey is scheduled to arrive in Cabo San Lucas around 6 PM tonight so today is a de facto Sea Day. 

The usual breakfast with a twist – an eggbeater veggie omelet (for protein). 

My fourth talk - “Forensic Detectives:  The Whitechapel Murders” – is scheduled for today at 11:00 AM.  This is a schedule change that I only found out about by reading Pursuits (see, it is important).  That means I have a full day off on first sea day back to Los Angeles.

I also added a small intro segment on Richard III for the Brits on board.  I went through the talk in the morning to get all of the facts straight and to anticipate the new order of the slides.

Right before my talk, there was a “Cruise Critic” gathering in the Cabaret Theater, so my usual table and cords were not laid out.  I used the long black table for my laptop and I found and connected the power and AVG cord.  The projector was not turned on but Lubo came ten minutes before the start to give me the mic and turn on the unit. 

Passengers came early for the talk and attendance was around 220 or more than 80 percent full.  It was the best attendance of the series so far.  This cruise had a different feel than the transatlantic one earlier in the year but the attendance finally started to stabilize.  I think one of the factors is the good weather.  This ship has a lot of sun worshipers, who are out on the sun deck as early as 7 AM.  I don’t see them coming in out of the sun to hear about DNA.

We had lunch in the Windows Café – I again had the Tuna Wrap (always good – the tuna is in a humongous green tortilla – I generally wind up unwrapping the wrap to get to the tuna).  I am still finishing up with a chocolate soft serve with mini-prunes at the bottom.

Conditions were perfect on out Deck 5.

The sail in was very scenic –

20160225_cabosailin3_thumb 20160225_cabosailin2_thumb


20160225_cabosailin1_thumb 20160225_cabosailin_thumb

we are the only cruise ship here today but there is a US warship anchored a few hundred yards away.  We were told by the Captain that in addition to the big guns, this ship can launch missiles.  No one will mess with us while we are here.


We also anchored quite close to the iconic Los Arcos formations

20160225_losarcos2_thumb 20160225_losarcos1_thumb 20160225_losarcos_thumb

I finished the “The Confessor” (finally, an ending I can live with) and started “The Narrows” (the 10th Harry Bosch Novel – I may have read more than that since early on I read them out of order).

Before Dinner, we walked about a mile on the Jogging Track.  We got both a great view of the bay and Cabo but also Los Arcos and our warship companion.

20160225_meandlosarcos_thumb 20160225_meanduswarship1_thumb 20160225_meanduswarship_thumb

Up on the Jogging Track


Ellen – Deck 10 and Los Arcos

From there, without changing, we went to the Windows Café for the Mexican Buffet.  Not Ellen’s favorite, but I had the Veggie Quesadilla with veggie refried beans, guacamole, Mexican rice, and sour cream.  I also tried the Cod, which was OK.  A cinnamon churro finished off the meal.  My kind of food, quick and easy.

We were treated to magnificent sunsets…

20160225_cabosunset4_thumb 20160225_cabosunset1_thumb 20160225_cabosunset_thumb

Sunsets over Cabo San Lucas

We passed on Showtime tonight (Katy Monroe) and instead, spent the time reading out on Deck 5 and watching the tenders go back and forth to Cabo.


Cabo and Tender

Since we are staying overnight, it should be a better sleeping night.  Our room has developed creaks that are ear plug proof.  Shouldn’t be a problem tonight.

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