Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 80sF

A very nice day at sea…but bumpy seas are expected later in the day.

Whenever possible, I like to eat breakfast on the back deck. 


20160209_atseaportsideSmall_thumb 20160209_AtseastarboardSmall_thumb

Back Deck Breakfast Views

Today was not exception; I could tell it had rained because the pad on my seat had not totally dried (only water).  Standard breakfast – waffles, cottage cheese, and jelly.  The server reminded me that I was putting cottage cheese on my waffle – I think she thought I wanted whipped cream.  Again, very good and relaxing.

Talk 2 – “Forensic Milestones – Discovery of DNA Fingerprinting” - was scheduled for 11:00 AM.  The turnout was a little better with the theater a little more than half full (approximately 150 people).  This may be my audience (max) for this ship and these passengers.  We will see.

20160209_DNAFingerp1Small_thumb 20160209_DNAFingerpSmall_thumb

“Discovery of DNA Fingerprinting

We stayed in the Cabaret Lounge for the Cha Cha dance class.  At soon as the class started, the ship really started moving.  Some of the people left because of the motion and the class wound up being cancelled.  No matter, it will be rescheduled.  Besides, we got a picture with Sasha and Dima.


Sasha and Dima and Us

So instead of dancing we went to the Windows Café for lunch.  Salad, Veggie Pizza, scoop of tuna, and soft serve ice cream made up the fare for today.  The soft serve chocolate is new and very good.

After lunch, it was deck time napping and reading (in any order).  The seas were getting rougher now with some serious spray tossed up by the bow.

20160209_kickinupwavesSmall_thumb 20160209_morewavesSmall_thumb

Angry Seas


Favorite Position on Deck 5

Still reading “The Summoner (a Dominic Grey Novel)” by Layton Green (all about African indigenous religions and Juju.).  We stayed out on the deck for most of the afternoon.

We broke at about 4:30 PM and went up to Deck 9 and did 13 laps (equal to a mile).  Probably burned off the waffle I had for breakfast.

We had dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room.  We got in line early enough to get the table for two with a window in the far back wall of the dining room.  It was a little bumpy mostly due to the vibration of the screws but it was a very nice table.  I had a Cesar Salad, horseradish crusted Salmon “Medallions”, some kind of mashed potatoes along with some kind of fried veggie rolls. Dinner was pretty good.

After dinner, we spent some time in the Spirits Lounge before heading to the theater for Showtime.

Marcos French, the Cabaret Singer/Dancer from Argentina, performed his own show tonight.  We have heard him before but he did quite a few new songs tonight.  Most significant was “I Can’t Make you Love Me if You Won’t” by Bonnie Raitt.  One of my all time favorites.  Marcos did a great job (his mic was set just a bit high).

20160209_marcosfrenchSmall_thumb 20160209_cantmakeyoulovemeSmall_thum

Marcos French

Picked up a huge headache so I begged off and headed to the room.

Seas are bumpy and are expected to get bumpier.

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