Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 80F


A little bit choppy on our first day at sea on this second leg…rough Seas – 14 foot swells.  There are probably a few people feeling a bit queasy at the conditions – I could tell that by the number of people in the Windows Cafe at Breakfast.  Tried something different for breakfast -  Egg Beater omelet with tomatoes and onions – still a little light on the veggies. 


20160218_atseaSmall_thumb 20160218_choppySmall_thumb

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Breakfast View

We had the whole morning and most of the early afternoon free because my first session is scheduled for 2 PM.  I am now reading “Nothing to Lose” by Lee Childs (Jack Reacher Novel).  It is the longest Reacher Novel yet (1450 flips on my Kindle) and it is taking a long time to get going. 

After a salad bar and pretzel lunch in Windows, I got ready for my first presentation - “DNA Testing:  Cold Cases Solved”.  This is one of the few times I have not started off my series with the CSI Phenomenon, so I don’t have the reliable draw of the TV Show.

I was a bit worried when I got to the theater at 1:30 PM and found no one there.  There were just a handful at 1:45 PM but at the start, some people wandered in and filled about half the theater (approximately 140 attendees).  At least I didn’t tie the all time low attendance record,

Matt was there to introduce me and he thought the turnout was OK.

20160218_mattintroSmall_thumb20160218_mattintro1Small_thumb20160218_coldcasessolvedSmall_thumb20160218_coldcasessolved4Small_thumb20160218_coldcasessolved2Small_thumb 20160218_coldcasessolved1Small_thumb

“Cold Cases Solved”

We decided to do our pre-dinner walking on Deck 10 – it was even more special since the sun was setting.  I stopped to get this picture of Ellen and the sun going down.

20160218_sunsetduringwalkSmall_thumb 20160218_Sunsetstarboarddeck10Small_

Sunset in the Pacific Ocean

The walk was great and we got ready for dinner.  Tonight was the “British Dinner Buffet” – I was sort of looking forward to freshly prepared Fish and Chips.  They had the oil there but the fish came from the kitchen already prepared (so not as crispy or fresh but still good).  A salad completed the meal.

We attended Colleen Williamson’s Show – fortunately, she sang three new songs for this show.  She was still in super excellent voice.


20160218_ColleenWilliamson4Small_thu 20160218_ColleenWilliamsonSmall_thum

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