Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 80sF

Happy Valentines Day

And a beautiful day at sea…


The Journey is on a NW course hugging the coast of Costa Rica.

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Breakfast continues to be out on the back deck – calm winds and warm sun – perfect.  Waffles plus still the breakfast of choice.

My fifth and final talk is scheduled for today at 11:00 AM.  “Forensics and History – The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” enjoyed a very nice audience, with the theater being about 90 percent plus full – 260 people (approximately).  Because of the occasion and the fact that we kept Ellen’s birthday quiet, I put in a special ET Valentines card.  Two iconic pictures of her – one on the back deck of the Grand Princess and one on the deck while we were in Mykonos (the last one is her phone image).  Again, very nice feedback after the talk and during the day.  I did not have my montage slide at the end for this series.

For lunch, we attended the ship’s Valentines Day Brunch – I ate way too much – mostly lox and cream cheese minis and a pound of herring.  Worth it.  Will have to behave better food-wise tomorrow.

We spent the afternoon on Deck 5.  I am continuing my Harry Bosch novel – to my dismay, the baffling little DNA wrinkle has turned out not to be so baffling after all.  We’ll see – only half way there.

The presence of Gazpacho drew us to the Discoveries Dining Room.  The gazpacho was thick and more like tomato juice (real gazpacho needs to have chopped onions and peppers to impart some texture).  I also had a Cesar Salad and Crusted Grouper.  Not satisfied, we did another one of our progressive dinners – sweet and sour fish (red snapper) and veggie fried rice in Windows Café (both very good).

Colleen Williamson is the Showtime Headliner tonight.  She is a rare phenomenon – an American singer (from Indiana no less).  Her musical choice is theme songs from movies.  Included in the playlist tonight was “I Could Have Danced All Night”, “Think of Me”, “Don’t Rain on my Parade”, and “The Trolley Song”.  She has a terrific voice and even came to my lecture (by accident).  This is her first time on Azamara we learned when we chatted with her after the show. 


Colleen Williamson

That was the evening…

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