Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Sunny – Cool – 70s

A rock and roll day at sea…

20160227_at-sea-1-Small_thumb 20160227_at-sea-Small_thumb

Breakfast – Aft Deck at Windows – I got sour cream early today so I could put it on my waffle – plus veggie omelet (so so).  Before I went downstairs, I did 15 laps even though the deck was wet and the weather was cool and windy. 

We had lunch in Windows Café – today’s selection included a green salad, pretzel, a scoop of tuna plus chocolate soft serve.

We spent most of the day reading on Deck 5 – a bit breezy and not that warm – seas are choppy – am about half way through “The Narrows”.  It feels like I read this book but I am sure I haven’t. 

While we were out on deck, a helicopter flew right over the ship.  We were pretty far away from land at this point (coast of Mexico) so what the copter was doing out here was a mystery of sorts.


That’s a Helicopter in the Sky

Out on the deck, we got a good feel for the pitch the Journey was experiencing.  The two shots below show the position of the horizon at the aft portion.  Note the big swing.  The stabilizers are minimizing the roll but there is nothing that can be done for the pitch.

20160227_Pitch-angle-1-Small_thumb 20160227_Pitch-angle-2-Small_thumb

Up and Down We Go

About 4 PM it got too chilly outside so we looked for a place inside and settled on the Mosaic Café.  Since the weather was iffy, the Mosaic got crowded and noisy making it difficult to read.

With a paucity of items on the Discoveries Dining room menu, we had dinner in Windows Café – American Buffet – I had the chef make me a veggie pasta – I tried the key lime pie but settled on fruit instead. 

We passed on “Stage Door to Dreams” – I think all of the cleaning procedures on the ship are combining to give me a headache (maybe allergic to them). 

The headache drove us the room for the evening.

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