Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016 – Huatulco, Mexico – Sunny – 87F

Distance from Puerto Quetzal to Huatulco, Mexico:  345 Nautical Miles

Usual breakfast – managed to get some sour cream today for my pancakes and cottage cheese.  Eating on the back deck never gets old.


Sunrise – Back Deck

We are arriving at 2:30 PM today so there are lectures in the morning – my second presentation - “Forensic Detectives:  Life and Death of Pharaohs” is scheduled for 11:00 AM.  Audience:  About 60 percent full – 180 people approximately.  The slides displayed well on the big screen and I tried to explain things a bit differently – the new graphics and pictures of the various players were also helpful.  I think it went well even though I always feel people are confused by all of the numbers. 

We watched the sail in from Deck 5 – the series below shows the scenic arrival into Bahia Santa Cruz.

20160221_HuatulcosailinSmall_thumb 20160221_Huatulcosailin1Small_thumb 20160221_Huatulcosailin2Small_thumb 20160221_Huatulcosailin3Small_thumb

Huatulco Sail In

As the ship neared the pier, it performed a full 360 degree swivel so that the bow of the ship now pointed out to open sea – that would make the departure much simpler.  We were also being guarded by some type of military ship, that chased away any jet skiers that ventured too close.


Mexican Military Guard Ship

We had Lunch in the Windows Café – I once again had the wonderful Tuna Wrap – Yummy, fattening but also irresistible.

Once the ship was cleared by the tardy local authorities, we walked to the town – some new stores – but still mostly bars and restaurants – even though it was a bit cooler today, we didn’t stay long and returned to the ship and the open deck.  But before that, I had to get a picture of the Journey docked at the very long pier.

20160221_JourneydockedSmall_thumb 20160221_Journeydocked1Small_thumb

The picture below is interesting (and not because it’s photo bombed by a Speedo toting guy) in that a sea bird flew into the scene just as the camera snapped.  The bird is just over my right shoulder.


Back on the ship, it was “Watch the World Go By” time or “Croc Cam” time.  I couldn’t help but feel bad looking at the condos across the bay.  Many of them were not finished and in the same state they were in the last time we were here – most likely abandoned.  At one point, they were going to be multimillion dollar condos – now they are modern ruins and victims of the Mexican economy.


Condos Across the Bay

With nothing for us on the Dining Room Menu, we had dinner at the “Asian Buffet” in the Windows Café.  I had the cook make me a total veggie stir fry (he even went in the back to get some broccoli) – it was good but next time, I will ask the cook to find me some peanut sauce.  I also had some Sweet and Sour Snapper (better the first time).

We skipped all of the shows tonight and hung out on the open deck for the 9:00 PM sail away and beyond.  I finished “Nothing to Lose” (Jack Reacher) and started “The Confessor” by Daniel Silva (Gabriel Allon Novel).

No wind, smooth seas, and a super bright moon made for a perfect sail away.

20160220_themoonSmall_thumb 20160220_moonoverhuatulcoSmall_thumb 20160220_huatulcodeck5Small_thumb

Huatulco Sail Away

Now that’s the way to spend an evening.

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