Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – Quepos, Costa Rica – Hazy, Hot - 90+F

Distance from Golfito to Quepos, Costa Rica: 125 Nautical Miles

It’s going to be a hot one today as we are anchored off the town of Quepos.  This is our second time here.

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View From the Back Deck

Ellen is on an early tour today - “Manuelo Antonio National Park” – so room service delivered her breakfast at 6:00 AM.  I waited until she left on her tender to go to the Windows Café for breakfast. 

Standard breakfast but today I added a little more protein – scrambled eggs (because they looked good). 


Yes, the Standard Breakfast

I spent the morning in the Mosaic Café sipping my iced latte and catching up on my journal.  I chatted with a few passengers, who wanted more information related to the lecture series.

Ellen and I kept in touch via texts and emails.

At Noon, I went to Windows to get lunch.  Salad, pretzel (still the best), and a salmon burger (no bun).  It was all good – I am also becoming very attached to the pickled veggies (especially the huge mild peppers). 

Ellen returned from her excursion heat drained and got lunch in Windows.  We are now out on Deck 5 enjoying what appears to be a cool down.  The photos below were taken by her on the tour.


Beautiful Downtown Quepos



Beach Near National Park Entrance


There’s a Butterfly in there Somewhere

20160214_capuchinmonkey2Small_thumb 20160214_capuchinmonkey3Small_thumb 20160214_capuchinmonkey1Small_thumb 20160214_capuchinmonkeySmall_thumb

Aye, We Have Monkeys

The cooler temperatures on the deck let us spend the afternoon outside (reading and resting).

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Afternoon on Deck 5

Tonight the ship is having the Indian Buffet in Windows so we are going to have dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room.  I had the grilled tuna steaks (well done) (the portions were huge) with tomato, potatoes and green beans.  We also tried the polenta and stuffed pasta.  All of this plus sweet potato soup and a Cesar Salad.  We went a little overboard but this was the last official meal of this leg of the cruise.  Best of all, the dinner was very good.

Farewell Showtime was a variety show featuring Don Bryan and Colleen Williamson.  We came in at the tail end of Don’s show and the place was packed – usually the farewell shows are lightly attended but not tonight.  Colleen did a great set including finishing with “Time to Say Goodbye” with Eric.  A terrific version of one of my favorite songs.

From there to the room so we could get some sleep before going through the debarkation process tomorrow.

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