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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 – Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Sunny – 81F

Distance from San Juan, Puerto Rico: 110 Nautical Miles

A beautiful day in Paradise…

We were just here in late December but I never mind visiting again.

Approaching St. Maarten (Small) 

 St. Maarten (Small)

St. Maarten 1 (Small)

Approaching St Maartin

There are several ships here today – we will be anchoring today and tendering in to shore.  That will save passengers the $8 water taxi ride and will also drop people right in the center of Philipsburg.  What a deal.

Cruise Ship Parking Lot (Small) 

Everyone’s in St. Maarten today

Besides the Solstice, St. Maarten is host to the Oasis of the Seas, the Carnival Dream, the Ruby Princess, and three other ships of indeterminate identification (I was told later that they were German ships that used to be older Celebrity cruisers – Celebrity then bought the German company).  This sets a personal record of most ships in one of our ports (breaking the record of five in Cozumel).

Tendering is a slow process when you have nearly 3000 passengers on board but considerably easier if you can score a priority tender pass (which we did).  Soon we were on our way to the island.

 On the tender to Philipsburg (Small)

Solstice from the tender

E and Solstice (Small) 

Ellen and the Solstice

Beach at Philipsburg (Small) Beach at Philipsburg 1 (Small)

The beach at Philipsburg

Main St Philipsburg (Small)

Philipsburg main street

Organic and Local What (Small)

Organic and Local What?

Philipsburg Mktplace (Small)

Philipsburg flea market

After walking through most of the city, we headed back to the ship.  The tender was waiting for us.  People were lined up at the tender pier waiting to go on various excursions.  A pretty warm day for a tour.

Returning on Tender (Small)

Goodbye Philipsburg (Small)

Leaving St. Maarten by tender

Returning to Equnox (Small) 

The Solstice up ahead

Ready to dock from tender (Small)

Angling to dock alongside the Solstice

Many ships today (Small)

The other ships docked at the piers

Returning in tender (Small)

In the Tender

After dinner, we went to see “Ghostlight – The Spirit of Broadway”.  We had seen this show before but they changed many of the songs so it was new.

Ghostlight - You can't stop the beat (Small)

Ghostlight - You can't stop the beat 1 (Small)

Ghostlight - You can't stop the beat 2 (Small)

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”

Defying Gravity (Small)

Defying Gravity”

Ghostlight - Spirit of Broadway (Small)

The entire group of “Ghostlight”

After the show, the Captain of the Vessel, Captain Gerry sang “Brown Eyed Girl” accompanied by the Neptunes.  He came keep both his day and night jobs.

Captain Gerry Larsson-Fedde (Small)  Captain Gerry Larsson-Fedde 2 (Small)  

We attended the Latin Party “Sizzle” on the Pool Deck at 10:30 PM.  Not a lot of people attending but the Celebrity Dancers were there along with Esperanza and her crew so there was some good dancing.

 Pool Deck preparty (Small) 

The Pool Deck

 Esperanza (Small)

Esperanza heats up the dance floor

Celebrity Dancers Sizzle (Small)

Celebrity Dancers doing their thing

Ashley Sizzle (Small)

Ashley (entertainment staff) getting a passenger to dance

It got a little late so we were gone for the night.

Seas are calm…

Pedometer: 10,780 steps; 5.1 miles; 528 calories

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