Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – 80s

It is an absolutely gorgeous day at Sea.

 Sea Day 3-3 (Small) Sea Day 3-3 1 (Small)     

People are on the pool deck early – it is last time on this cruise where you can get an unprotected sunburn before going home.

I essentially have the whole day off since my final presentation is not until 3:15 PM.  It is the longest of the five presentations so I spent a little time consolidating slides to make it run a bit faster.

Dance Lessons 1 (Small)

Celebrity Dancers teaching a class

I arrived at Celebrity Central about 2:45 PM and Nancy Walker was still running her Improv session.  People arriving for my session were going into the theater to get seats and another bunch of passengers were waiting outside until Nancy was done.  When she finished the rest of the folks started coming and coming and coming.  By 3:05 PM, all of the seats were taken. 

Final Talk 1 (Small)

The rest of the folks were standing and sitting on the stairs.  Extra chairs were brought in by some kind of Officer (wore stripes). 

Final Talk (Small)

The room was very hot and the officer also tried to turn on the AC (never actually went on).  By 3:15 PM, the session was Super SRO at 215 Plus.  The largest crowd of the entire 21 day cruise.  I got a very nice long and loud round of applause from the passengers.  A good wrap to a successful Beyond the Podium Series.

More time in the Solarium and then to hear Top Notch.

Our last dinner was OK – pasta with pesto.

Sunset and Fellow Traveler (Small)

Last Sunset of the Cruise

We caught some of the Farewell show.  Important note:  I managed to get into all three of the Cruise in Review Videos (as did Melinda and Nancy) – a first for any speaker on all our previous cruises on various lines.  “Beyond the Podium” goes mainstream (at least on the Solstice).

Ellen did her magic with the packing.  We are going to carry our bags off mid morning.

Tried to check in with Esperanza but she was unavailable.  We did hear from Ashley that Esperanza might be transferring to the Celebrity Reflection.  That would be cool.

Big day tomorrow – going home.

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