Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012 – Roatan, Honduras – Sunny – 84F

Distance from Cozumel to Roatan, Honduras: 267 Nautical Miles

Roatan looks pretty much the same as it did the last time we were here.  The Solstice is docked near the village of Coxen Hole.  A Carnival Ship can be seen further up the coast beyond the airport and the Norwegian Star is visible off of our starboard side.

We are going to walk around Coxen Hole but it is hot so our range might be limited. 

 Roatan and Me (Small)

The Solstice and Me from the Port Mall

Not far from the pier, we came across a very nice lagoon complete with a lone water bird.  The Solstice could also be seen beyond the lagoon.

Lagoon Coxen Hole (Small) Lagoon and Solstice (Small)

The main street in Coxen Hole is populated by diverse local eateries, souvenir shops, bodegas, and banks.  There is also a heavy police presence (heavily armed with automatic weapons).  Some of this may be due to the other main item on this street – banks.  Each bank has an armed guard posted at the entrance.  We also witnessed transfer of money to an armored car – this required several armed guards.  All of that weaponry made us a bit uneasy so we started back to the ship.  On the upside, we did tap into a free WiFi system called Linksys so we could catch up on e-mail (not much going on back home).

A new plan for lunch – combine a bun and fixings (plus fries) with freshly grilled salmon filets from the Aqua Spa Cafe and you have the best salmon sandwich.

Roatan Bay (Small) Roatan Bay 1 (Small)

Roatan and Coxen Hole from the upper deck

There was an error in the Daily Program and my scheduled Romanov presentation was put in as my Columbus Talk.  I had to do some rearranging of slides to make it work (this took some time).  I explained to the attendees that showed up at 4:45 PM that you need to flexible and that the schedule had changed. Considering that this was an excursion filled port day, I was pleased that “Mysteries of the Seas” – drew 175 attendees.  The Romanov session will be on the last sea day of the cruise.

Showtime tonight was Magician Adam Trent.  He was brilliant including an illusion, whereby he separated the upper and lower halves of his body by titling the upper half almost 40 degrees (below).  He was assisted by Courtney, one of the Dancers.

Adam Trent (Small)

The Incredible Separated / Tilted Man

Adam Trent 1 (Small)

The Floating Napkin Trick

Metamorphoris w Courtney (Small)

Courtney – Metamorphosis Finale

We met up with Melinda and headed to Deck 15 (Lawn Deck) to catch the end of the Hot Glass Show.  The girls work hard and make some very cool items.

Glass Show (Small)

Pedometer: 9,189 steps; 4.36 miles; 450 calories

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