Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Party Cloudy – 80s

A super beautiful day at sea – warm – no wind…

 Day at Sea 3-2 (Small)  

We should be able to get some well deserved deck time today.

The breakfasts continue to be consistent and good (waffles,etc) in the Ocean View Cafe.

I have an 11:30 AM Chat scheduled in Passport Bar.  I would have missed this entirely had Ellen not ready the Daily carefully.  I wasn’t sure they would be a chat session on this particular cruise.  About twenty very interested passengers showed up and we held the session in the round.  Some very good comments and questions and the feedback on the presentations was very positive.

I asked the passengers if they knew there was a brunch today in the Grand Epernay Dining Room and most did not.  I told them they shouldn’t miss it so the session ended just after Noon.

We went to the brunch and I had a very nice Greek Omelet among other things.  Did not eat as much as last time.

After brunch, sat out on the open deck until I needed to get ready for my next presentation.

Relaxing on deck (Small)

Relaxing on Deck 5

My fourth presentation was scheduled at 3:00 PM (“Life and Death of King Tutankhamen”).  The crowd starting piling in during the previous presentation and by the time I began, the crowd was “Super SRO.  Extra seats were brought in – people on the stairs and on cabinets in the room.  I would estimate that there were over 210 people present – largest crowd in so far on our triple cruise.

Afterwards, we were back on Deck 5 because it was simply beautiful out there – warm, still air, and just the waves making any noise. 

Sunset 3-2 (Small)


On the deck after sunset (Small) 

In the gloaming

We stayed past our usual time and got to dinner a little late.  NOTE:  We have worked out a deal with one of the manager types in the Cafe to bring us a different vegetarian soup each night.  Tonight is was Split Pea (all of the soups have been good).

We went to the late show of “Pulse” at 9:00 PM after doing some reading.  I am now reading “Mystery” by Jonathan Kellerman. I think Alex Delaware’s character is surpassed by the wit and humor of his buddy, Lt. Otis Sturgis.

We decided not to take either an excursion during debark day or the ship’s transfers ($18.50 pp). Instead, we will talk off sometime before 10 AM and grab a cab ($15.00) to the airport.

Both of us are tired from not doing much all day…

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