Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012 – At Sea - Costa Maya, Mexico – Sunny – 84F

Distance from Roatan to Costa Maya: 168 Nautical Miles

A very bumpy night…

From the Ocean View Cafe, I could see the rough seas and wind.

 Rough Seas 2-24 (Small)

At 8:15 AM, I got a call from Esperanza telling me that the ship would not be docking at Costa Maya due to high winds and rough seas.  She asked if I could put together another presentation for the passengers who would need additional activities on an unscheduled sea day.

I said I would call her back in 15 minutes to give her a title.  Before I could do that she called back and said the talk would be at 10:00 AM and that Stewart would make an announcement on the talk at 9:45AM.  In the next hour or so, I grabbed material from several lectures to put together “History’s Mysteries: Identifying the Famous and Infamous” (Jesse James, Copernicus, Michael Blassie, and James McGovern).  I was in Celebrity Central setting up when Stewart made the announcement and soon after two people showed up (potentially my smallest audience yet).  But to may absolute amazement, people started filing in and at 10:00, there were about 175 people in the place.  The talk came off OK and might serve as a new Ship Talk in the future.

Kindling in the Cafe Bacio (Small)

Kindling in Cafe Bacio

Lunch in the Aqua Spa Cafe – Grilled Salmon Sandwich and Salad.

We had dinner in the Cafe with Melinda and Victor even though we got our signals crossed where to meet.

I had to run out to set up for my 8:00 PM talk (I was originally scheduled for 3:45 PM for Costa Maya).  Again, the time slot was situated between Dinners and Shows.  As I was setting up, I noticed that the show was still running.

“Life and Death of King Tutankhamen” – drew 160 attendees.  I was happy with that.

We did not take in “Pulse” for the second time – instead we did a little reading. 

I finished “The Solomon Key” last week (what a disappointing ending).  The book, with all of its Black Ops and Secret Organizations, is essentially a religion-themed book (one of those apocalyptic books).  I started “Black Ice” a Harry Bosch Novel by Michael Connolly.

We move our clocks forward tonight so we will all be tired the next morning.

I don’t know where the Captain is taking the ship to accommodate the extra sea day but at least the seas are smooth.

To top the day off, the title of my last talk tomorrow is incorrect (Columbus is back again instead of the Romanovs).

I will worry about that tomorrow.

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