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Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands – Mostly Sunny – 82 F

Distance Ft. Lauderdale to Georgetown, Grand Cayman: 683 Nautical Miles

Happy Mardi Gras

I was at the breakfast buffet when it opened and was able to get a picture of one of the companion ships, the Disney Magic at anchor nearby.

2-21 Disney Magic (Small)

All of the ships here today and there are at least three are tendering to shore.  There is a constant stream of tenders running back and forth to Georgetown.  There are so many tenders operating from the Solstice that they can’t fill them – a priority tender pass was not nece3ssary today.

Busy port Georgetown (Small)

Cruise ships in Georgetown from tender port

We are planning to walk a bit through Georgetown.  Ellen would like to visit Passman Jewelers to see their unique creations.  The town is very busy today with all of the ships in port.  Some of the places have changed (a little rum cake shop is gone).

With my pirate buds (Small)

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum

It is warm so we head back to the Solstice for lunch.  The ride back gives me some good views of the other ships as well as the Solstice.

Carnival Freedom and Voyager OTS (Small)

Tendering back among the ships

tendeering back (Small)

tendering back 1 (Small)

Ellen on the tender

Soon we are nearing the Solstice (below) and maneuvering to dock with the ship (far below).

Almost there (Small)

Solstice close (Small)

Back on board, we have the whole afternoon and early evening free.  Of course, some of that time is on the open deck (it is a beautiful day).

 Deck 5 r and r (Small)

The Cayman Islands are a busy place – people come here to visit their money.  I was able to get a picture of one of the many jets arriving at the island with the Disney Magic in the foreground.

Magic and airplane (Small)

While waiting for dinner in the Ocean View Cafe, I thought the view below would make an excellent picture (the Grand Foyer, the Library, and the Pool Deck all in one picture).

View from Deck 14 Ocean View (Small)

After Dinner,we checked out the Mardi Gras / Sixties Party.  Not a lot of people participating on the dance floor but there were some excellent dancers.  Near the end, the dancers were joined by the Celebrity Singers and Dancers for some interesting takes on the Sixties. And, yes, there were beads – I found one set hanging on our cabin door handle.

Mardi Gras Grand Foyer (Small)

Mardi Gras in the Grand Foyer

Singers and Stewart (Small) Singers and Stewart 1 (Small) Singers 60s nite (Small)

The Celebrity Singers and Stewart make an entrance

Singers 60s nite 1 (Small) Andy warhol meets austin powers (Small)

The Attack of the Andy Warhols

austin powers girls (Small)

Austin Power’s Girls

Andy warhol meets austin powers 1 (Small) Hair (Small)

“Hair” from “Hair” (Esperanza TR)

Showtime Headliner tonight was Mark Donoghue – Multi Instrumentalist – we caught only a little of his show.

Forensics goes Prime Time.  At 8:15 PM, I delivered my second presentation - “Cold Cases Solved”.  I had low expectations for attendance but the count turned out to be 160 attendees.

A little more reading in the public areas and off to the room.

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